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Mutiny that saved PNG: Singirok’s new book

Singirok Tensions were high
Singirok had just been sacked and everyone was jumpy when his bodyguard, Corporal Allen, pulled a pistol on a soldier who arrived unexpectedly at Murray Barracks. He said he just wanted food (Andrew Meares)


A Matter of Conscience: Operation Rausim Kwik by Major-General Jerry Singirok, Partridge Publishing, Singapore, February 2022, 636 pages. Available from Amazon: hardcover $100, paperback $72.95 or email Rae Smart here for more information

TEWANTIN QLD – At last the book by Major-General Jerry Singirok on the Bougainville conflict and the Sandline Affair, ‘Operation Rausim Kwik’, has just been released.

Written from the unique perspective of former Army commander Singirok, the book is a no holds barred account of a mutiny.

It tells the story of Singirok's bold response when Sandline mercenaries, engaged by the government of then prime minister Sir Julius Chan who was intent on winning the civil war in Bougainville, were stopped in their tracks, potentially saving thousands of lives.

Singorok coverSingirok tells the story leading up to this event and relates what happened when, as defence force commander in 1997, he defied Chan’s orders, and successfully acted to stop the Sandline mercenaries.

Singirok was dismissed and faced a number of inquiries, one of which reinstated him in 1998.

But, dissatisfied, the government called another inquiry and he was dismissed again in 2000 facing a number of charges including sedition.

In March 2004, he was cleared of all charges except sedition, and his military career was over.

More recently, Singirok has been outspoken against Australian intervention in the Pacific, particularly the deployment of forces to the Solomon Islands.

He has accused Australia of imperialism and also suggested that Papua New Guinea risks becoming a failed state.

As you might expect, his book is well written, revelatory and a real page-turner.

The book also covers other aspects of Singirok’s life, including what influenced as a youth and a young man.

Singirok brief his troops
As PNG topples on the edge of a disaster, Singirok briefs his troops

It describes his career as a professional soldier in the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, and what happened when, after the drama of the Sandline Affair, he had to reconstruct his life.

I’m assisting Major-General Singirok pro bono as what he’s written is more than a book to have on your shelf, it’s a real lesson in life.

He has arranged to have a limited number of the first editions in Australia. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can also email me here.


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Peter Comerford

Having been on Bougainville in the early stages of the crisis I have found Brigadier General Jerry Singirok’s book a fascinating read.

To his credit he kept detailed diaries which has been an obvious strength and provides factual credibility to his book.

A fascinating piece of work that can be easily read in stages and provides a first hand account of events. Recommended read.

Stanley Jeffery

I am a big fan of former PNGDF commander, General Jerry Singirok. I have been waiting to read and know from a first person point of view, and this book (Operation Rausim Kwik) is just what I am looking for.

Please, where can I find a copy of this book in Port Moresby.

Can any reader help Stanley find a Port Moresby store that sells this book - KJ

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Hope he spilled out his gains from the whole Sandline crisis too, if there are any.

Joelson Maodina Anere

Yes, I am also interested to have a copy, thank you.

Lindsay F Bond

Essential. Manning up and saying so?
Less enchantment on then governance?

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