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Your time is so precious, don’t waste it....

Time is scarce. So is the energy of youth. Don’t waste a moment.

Scott Waide
Scott Waide. Journalist and Thinker.

| My Land, My Country

LAE - Time is the most precious commodity every person is given. It is a gift we all receive.

You can never get back the seconds you waste. Seconds that turn into minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Some people learn quickly. They turn their youth into the most productive years of their lives and, when in their prime, they continue to build on those earlier years.

But most don’t. Time just slips away.

Here’s something you may not know: Your mind can exist in a bubble of youthful ignorance while your body ages.

It’s scary.

What frightens me is if one day I wake up and I’m 70.

And suddenly realise I have wasted 50 years of my life?  Five decades. Gone.

What did I build? What did I achieve? How many lives did I touch positively?

Maybe if we loved a bit more or forgave a bit more there would be little less regret.

I’m not an expert and I have not arrived near ‘the end’ yet. But many people say the things that matter to you now don’t matter near the end.

I’ve seen kids grow into adults while their parents fought each other every day to keep their fragile egos intact.

I’ve seen old men try to reconnect with children who have no need for them.

I’ve seen elderly women accept rejection from their children and die in the homes of strangers.

Time is precious. So is the present.

Amidst all the chaos and regret, I’ve also seen people exit this world after accomplishing everything they came to do.

All boxes ticked. ‘Yep, I’m ready to go. No regrets.’

This is a random blog post. I hope it helps.


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