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PM Marape’s compromised & corrupted Pangu

A fine project in which our readers can help

The ABC’S international media development unit supports democratic governance by strengthening public interest journalism capable of holding Asia-Pacific institutions to account

ABC training in media skills


NOOSA - Like so many people before him, Daniel Mee stumbled by accident upon PNG Attitude –and liked what he saw.

Not just a treasure trove of information but a network of many hundreds of people who maintain a close affiliation with Papua New Guinea.

Mee works in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international media development unit, which seeks to promote public interest journalism in the Asia-Pacific region.

The unit has staff working with media organisations in PNG and other Pacific Islands countries to enhance skills and support activities aimed at national development and strengthening commitment to democratic values.

Currently Mee is working on a project to unearth PNG-related content from ABC archives and from other organisations and individuals.

ABC Pacific collection logoPart of his task is to find hard-to-get images of important events in PNG which the ABC broadcast on radio but lacks supporting photographs.

If you have photos related to any of the following events or issues, you could participate in this project by emailing Daniel Mee to advise him what they are. You can contact him here.

He would be delighted if you have photos of any of these issues, people or events:

National Day celebrations in 1971. Apparently this celebration included the raising of PNG’s kumul flag for the first time

A conference in 1975 where women from all parts of the country discussed problems and solutions

Women in PNG around 1979 for a story on the challenges women faced in traditional and urban settings. It seems there was.

Women in parliament around 2005

Dame Carol Kidu around 2012

Abc daniel-mee
Daniel Mee

PNG teenagers around 2009 to support a story about a photography program held at the 8 Mile settlement. “Any photos of teenagers from that area at that time would be good,” Daniels says.

Photos of newspapers or news presenters in the early 1980s

I hope you may be able to assist in this collaboration. And here’s that email address again.


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Daniel Mee

Thanks Keith, much appreciated.

There's such a wealth of content here at the ABC and we're only just scratching the surface.

If your readers are interested in seeing what we've already unearthed they can visit here:

The project started last year with the aim of unearthing 100 items from around the Pacific but the project has been extended with PNG asking for another 40 items of significance to PNG.

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