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Marape is as power hungry as O’Neill. They're just two Highlands egos preying on the emotions of uncritical voters 

O'Neill and Marape
Peter O'Neill and James Marape - "Papua New Guineans, don’t be fooled by these two power hungry guys"

| Academia Nomad

WAIGANI - When addressing a crowd of Pangu Pati supporters in Morobe Province a week ago, prime minister James Marape issued a challenge to his predecessor, People’s National Congress (PNC) leader Peter O’Neill, and his supporters.

He invited O’Neill to a debate and dared him to explain to the country what he had done for Lae and Papua New Guinea during his eight years in office (2011-19). Marape.

O’Neill responded by saying Marape had landed at Nadzab Airport which had been upgraded, an initiative of the O’Neill government.

The road Marape rode on into Lae town was upgraded under the O’Neill government. Angau Memorial Hospital, just down the road from where Marape had been speaking, had been upgraded, an initiative under of O’Neill and development partners.

Across the country, supporters of PANGU and PNC are divided. Photos circulate on social media showing youths burning PANGU banners in the Highlands. Four vehicles belonging to an incumbent PANGU MP and government minister were torched at Okapa in the Highlands.

In all the arguing, claims and counterclaims by Marape and O’Neill, a fact was lost: that O’Neill and Marape are brothers at heart.

Both men were in the same government and members of the (PNC) for all of the eight years until Marape deposed O’Neill.

Every mess that Marape blames O’Neill for, Marape was an integral part of. Every credit O’Neill gives PNC and himself, Marape was part of.

When O’Neill talks about the developments under PNC, he is talking about developments that Marape was part of. When Marape criticises O’Neill for bad loans and corruption, Marape was part of that.

There is a YouTube video showing Marape at the University of PNG aggressively defending the UBS loan approved by the O’Neill government that has now been found to be unconstitutional.

The only people who are not seeing through this posturing are the followers of both men who blindly think they are different.

Both men were key to PNG borrowing close to US$50 billion in loans.

Both were responsible for 14 amendments to the Constitution, including extending the life of the Manus Detention Centre, most of which the Supreme Court subsequently ruled unconstitutional.

What we’re witnessing is the ego of two Highlands men preying on the emotions of uncritical voters.

Marape is as power hungry as O’Neill.

In 2019, he ‘bribed’ Patrick Pruaitch to drop a court case challenging his election as prime minister by offering him the position of Foreign Affairs Minister.

And how about Marape accepting back the late Sam Basil back as deputy PM after Basil’s failed attempt to remove Marape as prime minister in November 2020.

How could you appoint someone who wanted to replace you as your deputy unless you were overflowing with the desire to stay in power?

Kabuni - brothersSo fellow Papua New Guineans, don’t be fooled by these two power hungry guys, with their history of mocking the PNG Constitution and running up the country’s debt to historical heights.

The position of prime minister has to move away from these two men. You can use the facts I’ve mentioned to convince your friends and families not to vote for PNC and PANGU endorsed candidates.

You have power to make a change. You won’t get that power back for five years. Make your vote count.


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Kindin Ongugo

O'Neil and Marape lived in the same cabinet for almost nine years.
They shared lots of moments together. There must have been lots of lovely moments and shared lots of love together.
Like most couple they knew each other's strengths and weaknesses.
Together as a couple they started the massive borrowing and spending spree in the name of development with allegations of kickbacks and commissions.
PNG needs a new person as PM to solve the crisis created by these men.
Don Polye should be rewarded for showing some integrity when he walked out of the cabinet when he disagreed regarding the massive UBS loan.
Papua New Guineans must elect candidates endorsed by his party to have any hope of a better life for their children.
I would like to see a government formed by Polye and Nama with Allan Marat as speaker.

Lindsay F Bond

PANGU is a name that among voting pipl of PNG, it carries residual respect. But it is also the opportunity and the duty of the Party and its elected members to install the most worthy as leader.
The ‘climate’ for change is rolling like an enormous thunderclap, the result of humanity awakening as if in a millennial flash of new knowledge.
Who are the leaders most capable of this challenge?
Are voters and PANGU members putting their eyes on the best?

Bernard Corden

Back in December 2006 Kevin Rudd attempted to modernise the ALP and rejected socialism as an arcane nineteenth century doctrine.

He was eventually bestowed with life membership of the party despite the catastrophic home insulation program and being described by Kristina Keneally as a psychopathic narcissist.

Lindsay F Bond

When the national government so limits access by professional journalists to a visiting foreign minister's media conference, freedom itself is demoted.

Whither independent and free? Shame James.

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