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New push to adopt anti-corruption strategies

Almost no organisations and government agencies have an anti-corruption strategy - even those responsible for protecting integrity

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NOOSA - With the help of the European Union, Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) is seeking to persuade Papua New Guinea’s government agencies to adopt and implement explicit anti-corruption and integrity strategies.

It says it is doing this in the knowledge that few government agencies, including those responsible for protecting integrity and fighting corruption, do not have an anti-corruption strategy.

Corruption index graphic“The fight against corruption can only be successful if each person and agency takes on the responsibility to strengthen their organisation’s integrity,” said Peter Aitsi, chair of TIPNG.

“There are almost no agencies that have developed an internal anti-corruption strategy to address this concern,” he said.

“If you ask any agency head about the major impediment to service delivery, they will almost certainly identify corruption as a concern.

“The National Economic Fiscal Commission (NEFC) is one of the few state agencies that has taken on this challenge and last week launched its anti-corruption and integrity strategy.

“For this they must be applauded,” Aitsi said.

The NEFC was established under the PNG Constitution to advise the national government on economic and fiscal matters.

In its anti-corruption strategy, NEFC states that it wants to be a leader in integrity, professionalism and accountability.

It is also committed to promoting an anti-corruption culture in PNG to ensure the fair distribution of wealth to all Papua New Guineans.

NEFC says its anti-corruption and integrity strategy is based on four key areas of focus:

  1. Strengthening intergovernmental funding systems
  2. Ensuring accountability, transparency and compliance
  3. Promoting anti-corruption leadership and practices
  4. Fostering an anti-corruption culture

Corruption graphicThe European Union said it is funding the project in an effort to fight corruption and strengthen public trust in PNG’s national integrity.

“NEFC and TIPNG have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop this agency-level anti-corruption strategy,” Aitsi said.

“The initiative is part of TIPNG’s continuing endeavour to promote anti-corruption and integrity strategies in organisations throughout PNG.”


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