Do our young people understand politics?
The unseemly scramble for B'ville resources

Two new poems from Raymond Sigimet

I Froze

It happened so quickly
that initial shock
and I am arrested by
          my helplessness
                    my failure to prevent

and I froze ...

I pitched a scream
I reached out
flailing, but in vain
          it happened so fast
                    I failed to prevent

and I froze ...

I cannot unsee now
a witness to life's tragedies
that I am no immortal
          I am as vulnerable
                    my failure to prevent

and I froze ...

as I saw a body struck
ran over by a truck
I did reach out
          flailing, but in vain
                    I failed to prevent

Yangpela Marit

AYangpela em laikim pasin marit
Em i hat tru long sindaunim em yet
Em wokabaut raun long de na long nait
Yangpela em gat tingting blong em yet

Taim papa toktok em les long harim
Em lusim haus na go painim boipren
Taim mama singaut em les long bekim
Em gat Tok Pisin long tokim gelpren

Yangpela em laikim pasin tambu
Em harim stori na em laik save
Em bihainim rot go long as mambu
Na rausim klos i go stap arere

Bihain papamama karim hevi
Taim yangpela i kamapim bebi


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Lindsay F Bond

Mr Sigimet dignifies the causation and the perchance,
with columnated, beamed, braced, summation.
Readers are alerted, yet will feel accommodated.

Michael Dom

Brilliant pieces from Sigimet, entering a new elevated phase of his poetic creativity.

The stylised prosaic construction is engaging and reveals an internalised dialogue to which I can relate.

It is how I felt when "I saw her that morning, across the road, / Watched her supple curves, her steps firm in grace / I witnessed sweet beauty smashed like a toad! / Smacked her booty into deaths cold embrace".

The sonet toksingsing is exceptional, an instant classic to me, with a lifetime of turmoil in fourteen lines. Ating Shakespeare mas seksek liklik long matmat.

Em tasol ia!

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