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What if....

'Without you, I’m as a mirror so tarnished / pushed out of sight to the back of the room / awaiting a jeweler to give me my clarity / But, now you’re here, my radiance renewed'

A Mirror


Time passes swiftly each time we talk
The world disappears when I hear your voice
Even if we both say nothing, it still feels
like the best conversation, it’s never awkward
even a vacuum filled with prolonged silence
For just hearing you breathe keeps me alive
Now I’m wondering ‘what if ‘?

Your contagious laughter makes me laugh
for no reason, your flawless voice enticing me
No matter how exhausted or dejected I am
Your radiant smile gives me butterflies,
fluttering within with velvet touch
Oh, how I try to be more than a friend
Does it cross your mind ‘what if’?

I never let down my guard until you’re around
Inspiring my confidence and creating trust
Stripping out fears with grace and charm
Without you, I’m as a mirror so tarnished,
pushed out of sight to the back of the room
awaiting a jeweler to give me my clarity
But, now you’re here, my radiance renewed
There’s no a need for ‘what if’

It’s said some things in life are worth waiting for
That the right people arrive at the right time
But waiting is hard, time passes without end
and perfection is rare and hard to find
So, if we can see the beauty of each other’s soul,
Should we still be asking ‘what if’?


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