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The Jacob Luke I knew – smart & humble

Mike Herman, now in his eighties, was the late Jacob Luke's teacher at Pausa in Enga Province. Mike helped Jacob - who had been expelled from school - on the path that eventually led him to business success

 Jacob Luke and Mike Herman in Boise Idaho
Mike Herman in the United States earlier this month


BOISE, USA - I would like to share with you the Jacob Luke I knew.

I met Jacob when he enrolled at Pausa High School, Wapenamanda, in Enga Province.

As many people have said, Jacob came from humble beginnings.

My role at Pausa was as the agriculture subject master and Pausa station manager.

Jacob excelled at his studies. He was an exceptional student from the beginning. He was smart, hard-working and humble.

In addition, he was active in the tractor club and was one of my workshop crew.

He always put in lots of after school hours and became a trusted tractor driver around the station.

In Jacob’s second year at Pausa he became involved as a political activist.

He was ahead of his time and the result was that he was expelled from school. 

I felt his expulsion was unfair and I fought this decision, but I lost.

Jacob had already shown himself to be a future leader.  I assisted him to obtain a job at Muka, the agriculture station for the mission.

While at Pausa, Jacob had learned and enjoyed both mechanics and driving.

I knew this boy had so much potential and, before I left Papua New Guinea in 1980, I wanted to see him situated in a place where he could have a career..

I took Jacob to Mt Hagen to meet the owner of ATA, a trucking company.

The owner was a Christian and we had met as they did a lot of transporting for Waso Petroleum.

I encouraged him to hire Jacob. This was the start of Jacob’s trucking career.

Within five years Jacob had bought his first truck and the rest is history.

Fast forward 25 years to 2015. My wife Mae and I were invited by Jacob to the 25th anniversary of Mapai Transport.

I sat proudly at the head table that night and spoke to the gathering about how I met Jacob Luke.

Since that time, I have continued to follow my student Jacob through his development as a business man and a philanthropist.

Jacob, you left us too soon. I have been especially proud of the man you became and have told your story to many, many friends.

Thank you for your many contributions to your people and your country.

I guess God needed you to run his transport division in heaven.


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Corney Korokan Alone

Mike Herman, I have heard your name mentioned many times at the Haus Krai and at the funeral proceedings. Thank you so much for writing to tell us your important story.

Chief Jacob Sole Luke's father, a pioneer Lutheran pastor who trusted his God for the safe delivery of his first born son, must have worked His Divine Plan and Purposes through your life to help guide this humble son of Papua New Guinea to be the exemplary leader he is/was to business and life in general.

His arrival at Pausa Lutheran High School was also not a coincidence. They were all in the Master Designer and Creator's Plan.

This is a very clear reading for great men who choose to believe in cause and effect - but not luck.

Thank you for mentoring Jacob Luke and pointing him to a career he chose, built a powerful brand out of and led to influence and develop Papua New Guinea.

Your contributions are noteworthy and greatly appreciated.

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