Beyond the Corridor
The nightmare of war that is with us forever

And remember - it's not always about China

Veterans in Pacific media must be in a strange position. To see a space so often ignored suddenly taken over by a cacophony of clueless commentators

Ardern suva
Jacinda Ardern talks to journalists in Suva - the Murdoch press perceived
the New Zealand prime minister as confrontational, and called her 'hostile'

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MELBOURNE - Being part of Pacific media is amazing. So many talented, supportive journalists, doing great work for the love of a region so often under-resourced by world press

But I've noticed this love can sometimes spoil into an awful territorialism. And I want to talk about it.

Pac media is going through a weird time. More eyes, more money. More horrible takes rooted in blind and arrogant colonialism.

The desire to gatekeep is real, to knock down those who don't see the region like us.

Often it comes from people not from the islands. I see it in myself.

Veterans in Pacific media must be in a strange position.

To see a space so often ignored suddenly taken over by a cacophony of clueless commentators.

There is a desperate need for content moderation.

But might ill-defined hostility put off new media in the region? That's my fear.

As someone who's been in Pac media barely 10 years, I can only remember with love how others nurtured me.

Politely correcting my ‘Honolulu’ for ‘Honiara’. Giving honest feedback to my naive story ideas. Gently guiding me when I pronounced it ‘nad-ee’. I hope to be as generous.

And to those entering the world of Pacific media: respect your elders!

If you haven't heard of an issue or country, it doesn't mean others haven't dedicated their lives to it. Find them!

Be humble, ask the right people the right questions.

And remember - it's not always about China!


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