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The journeys of men & the shortness of life

”More important than anything else in the world, live your life. It’s the only one you have. And when it's your turn, you will have gone”

Pastor Matthew Tapus  Superintendent  Christian Apostolic Church in PNG and Jackson Kiakarireflect on a life
Pastor Matthew Tapus,  Superintendent Christian Apostolic Church in PNG, and Jackson Kiakari reflect on the ephemerality of life

| Reflections from Mango_Diwai

PORT MORESBY - On a grave is written a name, a date of birth and a date of passing.

Position, title, bank account and all material possessions are irrelevant.

Life is a function of Time. Live today - make peace with your surrounding. This moment will pass you by.

Eighty years is a molecule of water in a dam. Better men have lived. Armies have marched. Parliaments have sat. Kingdoms have risen to greatness and burnt to ashes.

Nothing under the sun is original. Men have lied, killed, stole, and forgiven. That has always been the story since Cain and Abel. Since Joseph forgave his brothers. And Ghandi his oppressors.

Perspective is everything. What you chase today will be irrelevant tomorrow. And when the arch of time bends to fullness, all that matters will be your life story.

On your grave, the summary is short. Born then, died then.

If you had 20 children, all it says is Father or Mother. If you were married, it only says Husband or Wife.

The space on your grave is too small to include all the details of your spouse. Husband or wife suffices.

Account in BSP or Westpac and shares in 20 companies are too lengthy to find a spot. Born and Gone - Life!

Treasure peace more than anything. Even billionaires don’t sleep well.

Cherish friendship - money can’t buy all the love in the world.

More important than anything else in the world - live your life. It’s the only one you have.

And when it’s your turn to have a grave with your name and death date on it, you will have gone - lived your life.

The journeys of men. The illusions of immortality. And the reality of being human.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

I've been thinking about writing a book about getting old - the working title is 'Phlegm and Flatulence'.

John Beswick

Come the hour all is Vanity.

Lindsay F Bond

Not only 'take nobody's word for it', provide their memoir no space.
Of other summation, "The Meaning of Life was the last feature film to star all six Python members before the death of Graham Chapman in 1989." See:
Notwithstanding, many see at Matthew 28:10, 'Be not afraid'.

Bernard Corden

"I told you I was ill" - Spike Milligan

Chris Overland

Jackson is eloquent and accurate.

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