Ill Papua governor banned from treatment
The mountain cave that harboured Sgt Ryan

It's raining because of the moon

Sigimet heavy rain topRAYMOND SIGIMET

It's raining like sprinklers on a farm
My ears soak up the patter on the roof 
It’s spattering like food in a deep fry 
or the sound of rousing applause

It's raining like I can feel the damp,
sleeping inside as I wake and turn,
the only warmth in my foetal position 
I pull at the cover that refuses to move

It's raining like I can hear the rush
but not only that I sometimes ask
of the raining cats and dogs cliché
Why not raining fishes from the sky? 

It's raining like I can see these buckets Sigimet heavy rain small
of water splash, and pools running off
Just yesterday it was hot and musty
I prayed for rain, and now we have rain  

It's raining like a blessing from heaven
and sometimes I’ve heard people say: 
"The rain's here because of the moon;
it’s here to clean the eye of the moon"


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