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Appeasers silent as Russia loses grip on war

If Putin sees his mighty army collapsing, his desperation to retain power may lead to more of the bad decision-making that has been the hallmark of the Russian conduct of the war so far. The use of tactical nuclear weapons may become his last resort

A troops
Ukraine troops advance on Kherson and other Russian-occupied areas


ADELAIDE - Since I wrote this piece (Sachs’ & the New Appeasers have it wrong, 20 July 2022), the appeasers have become silent.

The appalling atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine have revealed the true nature of the Russian regime.

Vladimir Putin is not a wronged and misunderstood man.

He is an old school imperialist of the worst kind.

You do not do deals with such a man and expect them to be honoured.

At present, the Ukrainians continue to advance in the Donbas and near Kherson.

They appear to have mastered manoeuvre warfare, something the Russian army seems incapable of replicating.

Strategic and tactical ineptitude by the Russians, combined with severe logistical and personnel problems, renders the Russian army highly vulnerable to a fast-moving enemy force.

As of today, Ukrainian troops had retaken more territory in regions illegally annexed by Russia, and continue to advance near the southern city of Kherson.

They were also moving towards Russian-held Luhansk in the east.

"There are new liberated settlements in several regions," said president Volodymyr Zelensky.

While it is too early to be sure, there are clear signs the Russian army is crumbling in the face of the better led, better armed and better motivated Ukrainians.

The implications of this are profound, both for Ukraine and Russia as well as for the rest of the world.

If Putin sees his mighty army collapsing, his desperation to retain power may lead to even more of the very bad decision making that has been the hallmark of the Russian conduct of this war so far.

A reisner
Colonel Markus Reisner has emerged as one of the most credible experts analysing the Russia Ukraine War

The use of tactical nuclear weapons may become his last resort.

Consequently, whether we have fired a bullet or not, we are all invested in the outcome of this appalling conflict.

For readers interested in military matters who want an objective and dispassionate assessment of events in Ukraine, I recommend the commentaries posted on YouTube by Colonel Markus Reisner PhD, commander of the Austrian Army's principal staff training college and its elite Vienna Guards Regiment.


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Lindsay F Bond

The report told of the Russian general who got tough.

"Surovikin summoned one of his colonels for a dressing down. Moments after the encounter, the soldier fatally shot himself."



Lindsay F Bond

When the dust settles, and the 'wardle' words dissolve, it might be asked of Russia's military as to whether a "march for justice" in Russia was needing to be attacked by aircraft.

Goodness gracious, who lost the plot?

Also if troops visiting 'Rostov Veliky' without firing a shot, what branch of floral medallions put aircraft to the task of attacking an announced "march for justice"? Who was so afraid?


So was a case of AWOL misinterpreted?

“We took [the aerodrome] under control so that the attack aviation does not strike us, but strikes the Ukrainians,” Prigozhin said. “We came here to stop the disgrace in the country that we live in … We are saving Russia,” he added."


As reported, "all of the violence during the Wagner revolt occurred between the Russian Air Force and Wagner’s ground troops."


AWOL: absent without leave (not to be confused with AOL)

Lindsay F Bond

Quite apart from alleged injurious use of Australian made cardboard drones said to have been been 'downed' in Russia, comes report of a blight that may more severely impact the citizens of Russia.

That is the news of a Russian soldier returned to his village who "drunkenly wandered the streets of the hamlet 800 kilometres east of Moscow, carrying a pitchfork and threatening to kill everyone".

Intensity of exposure to open warfare has injurious effect on humans, not only from projected metal.



There is no hint of celebration in Putin.

Lindsay F Bond

Russian Orthodox Church Bishop, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has issued a statement calling for unity: "Any attempt to sow discord within the country is the greatest crime, which has no excuse whatsoever."

Well, Bishop, events of the past 24 hours as with those of the last 24 months are somewhat discrete from earlier times of Cheka and Renovationism.


Lindsay F Bond

A gripping read, that trooping trod, a nation prized. All at a rush.

Report by live updates: "Wagner mercenaries allegedly march into Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, as leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is accused of calling for mutiny."


Lindsay F Bond

Named after Sandline International, an event in which a UK-based private military force was cause of political upheaval of PNG, is now likely to give birth to a movie.


Not of the same cut of cloth, the mercenary force with which Russia rains blows upon Ukraine is Wagner and apparently led by Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Now reports are that Wagner is in peril where its troops await ammunition.


As said before, it's putting on the risk. Might also give rise to a movie with more intrigue than in the fictional movie Doctor Zhivago.

Chris Overland

Like Lindsay I continue to follow the course of the Russo-Ukraine war very closely.

To date the Ukrainians have defeated Russia in the battles of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson, while the grinding battle of attrition at Bakhmut has gone on for months with the Russians making glacial progress at huge cost.

Even if Bakhmut were to fall it would be a Pyrrhic victory for Russia. The expenditure of blood and treasure involved is so great as to render the term 'victory' meaningless except for propaganda purposes.

Ukraine's general staff is still following its strategy of holding the Russians at bay whilst simultaneously converting its military into a modern force capable of undertaking what is called combined arms operations.

This form of warfare was first perfected by an Australian, General Sir John Monash, and its lethality demonstrated at the Battle of Hamel on the 4 July 1918.

Monash had about 1,000 American troops under his command at the time (grudgingly released by the US commander, General 'Black Jack' Pershing, who greatly distrusted the allied generals).

So the date, 4 July, was symbolically significant for them.

Hamel was only a small battle but its ramifications for the future of warfare were profound and lasting.

It signalled the doom of the German imperial forces who had no answer to simultaneous attack from artillery, tanks, aircraft and infantry.

Today, the acquisition of Western artillery, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks will allow Ukraine to emulate Monash by creating several brigades of highly manoeuvrable and very lethal units capable of punching a hole in the Russian defences.

If, as I hope, Ukraine eventually acquires Western aircraft and when their pilots are trained to conduct suppression of enemy air defence systems operations, then the game will be up for Russia.

Still, all that said, Russia is a huge country, has considerable military assets (albeit mostly obsolete) and Putin is willing to sacrifice many thousands of troops in pursuit of his aims, so the war will go on for some time yet.

Only death will prevent Putin from pursuing his aims. He cannot be appeased by any measure short of capitulation and the Ukrainians will not do that.

Too much blood has been spilt, too many war crimes committed and too many non-combatants killed for any peace to occur unless and until Russia is comprehensively defeated.

I think that Europe's leaders have very belatedly understood this last point and have now committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure a Ukrainian victory.

Lindsay F Bond

The military invasion of Ukraine by Russia lingers. Two items I look on with loathing....

Of a person:

Of a passing:

Lindsay F Bond

From 'verse' to worse, that in 2022, in the season to be jolly, a national leader strides on with his ruse of mere 'proxyismaticism'.

"President Putin indicated that some Belarusian military aircraft have been re-equipped to potentially carry nuclear missiles and that Russia is helping to train their crews."


Has Putin no thoughts original, but to stretch from times terrible past, tactics that fool none?

Example from 1936:

"Franco’s air bridge from North Africa to the Spanish mainland was made possible by the first consignment of German-supplied aircraft in July 1936.

"The following month, 20 heavy Junkers bombers and five chaser planes piloted by Luftwaffe pilots in plain clothes landed in Sevilla as support for the Nationalist air force."


Lindsay F Bond

For Oleg Tinkov item see: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63466138

Lindsay F Bond

Putting money where the 'out' is? Reported as because of the war in Ukraine and in condemning "Putin fascism", "billionaire Russian banker, Oleg Tinkov, has given up his Russian citizenship".
Mr Tinkov founded the online Tinkoff Bank, one of Russia's largest lenders, with about 20 million customers.

Lindsay F Bond

To whom it may concern...

Mercery rhyme

If a meteor missed Moscow
as it meandered in from space,
what if mayhem marred true knowledge
any mistrewn blame Ruskies place?

If a missionary mixed meaning
of a Christian hold on grace,
what would church folk then allege
from their clutch of human race?

If a ministry murkily
says what clearly is quite base,
what would humankind make recover
from all imploding moves at pace?

If a monk mocked mirth on Putin
as if message meant much to ace,
what could mere souls following
from faith make Putin to displace?

If all congregating watchers
so fixed in idle gaze of face,
what will swerve them in devotion
of armed conflicting swinging mace?

If a rhyme ventures to reason
at a cause faulting human race,
what vexed meteoric impacts
halt the science chase and trace?

If no meteor mucks Moscow
and none other mess moves in place,
could folk turn away all Putins
from what humans rank as disgrace?

Arthur Williams

Chris - I have five initial takeaways on the European war.

1 With historical knowledge of Stalingrad why did Russia want to get involved in battles in urban areas that ironically included the battle in the Mariupol Steelworks?

2 Though we have seen terrible numbers of casualties and destruction it could be said that Russia has adopted almost a kid-gloves approach.

It reminds me of the Korean War when Britain, its allies and hundreds of thousands of Koreans had to suffer losses when the Chinese military became involved on the North Korea side. No way said President Truman and sacked his General.

(Read: 'Douglas MacArthur wanted to use atomic bombs to contain China and ultimately win the Korean War.' https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/douglas-macarthur-atomic-bombs-will-win-the-korean-war

For warmongers perhaps MacArthur was right if you consider the North is now a nuclear armed nation and how the South's portion of the peninsula and Japan live in the shadow of ever more capable rockets.

What about the General sparing Emperor Hirohito from being tried as a war criminal. Forget Pearl Harbour! Wikipedia says in August to October 1938 Hirohito authorised the use of toxic gas on 375 separate occasions

3 Another cerebral memory is that the USA has a history of invasions of sovereign nations. The most recent being Iraq which is still under partial USA occupation. Syria of course was invaded by USA who still occupy parts of the nation overlapping Iraq and the site of lucrative spoils of war. Oil.

Chris - Concerning the eloquent Austrian colonel.

Austria's official last battle was in 1934 despite some years later aiding Hitler by supplying many hundreds of thousands of troops. It should be noted that post-World War II Austria has been neutral for over 60 years.

I love the Wikipedia report of the 1943 Moscow Declaration which in politico-speak said: “In contrast to the earlier Allied acceptance of the Anschluss, the declaration described Austria as 'the first victim of Hitlerite aggression' and called for the re-establishment of an independent Austria." Good on you guys.

It continued: “At the same time, however, the declaration also held Austria liable for its participation in the war, effectively giving it the status of an enemy state.”

Four years later the WW2 winners in the Treaty of Paris did the same double talk with Romania stating: 'Allies did not acknowledge Romania as a co-belligerent nation but instead applied the term 'ally of Hitlerite Germany.'

So thanks for your article, Chris, but in my short political career I several times advised fellow politicians to be careful in their opinions of today's enemies who tomorrow may be your friends.

I believe that most of us proles in every nation do not want any war or oppression to continue for even one more day.

Yet the USA puppets in NATO poured trillions into its puppet masters' wars that had no acceptable exit plan post the so-called victory as we sadly saw in last year's shambles in Kabul.

The recent advent of YouTube on my TV screen daily exposes the terrible inhumane lives of millions living existing in abject squalor and dying of curable diseases. Watch:

1 Nigeria's biggest slum or Manila's etc

2 Or the hand mining of gold and other minerals including cobalt

3 See the millions slowly dying from lack of pure water in the Horn of Africa or in the terrorised Sahal nations

Yet amazingly there are plans for helping that part of north-central Africa by the UNO hoping for sustainable development by 2030 or the 'dream' of the African Union for 2063..a generation will have died before the latter is achieved.

4 For the last 60 years I have seen no US president give a damn for the millions who have lived through the horrors of life in the Congo which has spread across it neighbours' borders and where we have been made aware of the traumas inflicted on women from rape which is used again as a weapon of war. Mrs Obama and other celebrities of the METOO# mobs across the West seem so sadly silent!

5 I even read how in preparation for the Panguna mine the mining company was allowed to use Agent Orange for defoliating many hectares of rainforest.

Perhaps buying up cheap stock from the Pentagon warehouses or even from UK's stockpiles as we were allegedly the first nation to use it in the Malaya Emergency pre 1960.

What a sad world it is but where are the peace-mongers (also called Traitors of Western Democracy)>

Finally - Here is another take on the War in Ukraine:

2022/04/26 US is Leading World to Nuclear War - Mike Billington with Executive Intelligence Review interviews Col. Richard Black (ret.).

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