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From betel nut seller to university graduate

My advice to young people who might have dropped out of school is, despite the pain and obstacles and negativity of other people, never lose sight of your dream

Benjamin Minaro


RABAUL – Originally from Kiwi village in Enga Province, I dropped out of school in 2014 when I was doing Grade 10 and my family and relatives lost interest in me.

I made my way to Port Moresby to find work. The street became my home and life became miserable.

Every day was a fight for survival. I earned a little money by helping a woman sell betel nut at Port Moresby’s Wakakli market in Gerehu.

I was paid a small commission for each nut I sold, but my earnings were small.

Life will never be fair to everyone. Some of us will hit rock bottom.

However the decision of whether to stay down or get back up depends on us.

Eventually I decided to upgrade my marks and went back to school where, despite the struggle and obstacles, my performance was very strong.

I got through to Grade 11 at Gerehu Secondary school, studying all day and going back to my routine of selling buai after school and at weekends.

But I remained virtually homeless, sleeping wherever I could in the city.

What kept me going was my dream of one day becoming a leader in an organisation and in the community. That dream kept me going through the rough times.

Two years rolled by and I was still selling betel nut and cigarette sticks. Through every painful moment, deep inside me I knew I was capable of something better.

It so happened that I was offered a place at Sonoma Adventist College in Rabaul.

This was my breakthrough and I did not waste it. I did well and graduated with a Diploma in Theology.

Then I continued on with a degree program at Pacific Adventist University, from where I will graduate on 4 December.

So my advice to young people who might have dropped out of school is, despite the pain and obstacles and negativity of other people, never lose sight of your dream.

And remember that the world may reject you, but not the one who created you. Keep Trusting God.

Out of the pain came my success story. Sunshine after the rain. I guess God wanted it to be like this.


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Samuel Kafugili

Great message to the young people of Papua New Guinea.

Michael Moia

Yes a very inspirational story for every young men and women today. Never give up, keep pressing on putting your trust and hope in God. If there is a chance to intervew Benjamin for a success story, on National Radio, then watsapp me on 76506309..

B'shon F Iso

Very encouraging. God bless you, my dear brother.

Evelyn Denu

Wow! What a story. The fruits of hard work and sacrifice are definitely sweet. I wish you blessings in life.

Manu Maso

Very inspirational live event. Congratulations my dear brother ❤️

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