West's anti-China rhetoric reeks of hypocrisy
Fighting off bulldozers in sacred kwila forests

Madness reigns supreme in US Pacific deal

Papua New Guineans have been grossly misled and opened wide our doors for large scale criminal gangsters and terrorists to come on to our turf. The Marape government is strongly urged to terminate this hollow and ridiculous agreement

Crimea bridge bombing
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of attacking the bridge to Russian-annexed Crimea, calling it an "act of terrorism". President Putin said Ukraine's intelligence forces had aimed to destroy a critically important piece of Russia's civil infrastructure (BBC)

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PORT MORESBY - Delusions reign supreme. It is disgusting to see naivety and short-sightedness reigning supreme in beloved Papua New Guinea.

We should and must know better. The Marape-Rosso government has been hoodwinked and misled.

PNG's rich fishery industry’s potential has been severely sabotaged by a shallow and illogical ‘Ship Riders Agreement’ with the United States.

This partnership with a known criminal terrorist with its unruly bandits known for causing mischief in the Caribbean seas has been invited into Papua New Guinean waters.

What a massive let down.

Under the guise of maritime surveillance, the US tricked PNG to sign onto this stupid agreement.

In fact, the US is here to contain China’s economic advancement through the South China Sea and now this so-called Blue Ocean Pacific Partnership deal.

What it means to us is that PNG can kiss the fisheries industry goodbye.

The secured market for fisheries and marine products in the ‘huge Chinese Market’ under Dr Lino Tom’s ministerial leadership for large scale industrial parks in Western Province has been paralysed.

Papua New Guinean coconuts must understand the simple, history-backed proof that the US is a military capitalist.

It makes its dough from that well-known military industry complex.

Bombs, terrorist plots, sponsorship of fake media propaganda (through the USD500 million-funded Endowment for Democracy scheme) to stage coup plots and bring down patriotic governments all around the world (Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean).

That is their secured and guaranteed international market segment.

And what is this so-called Peace Corps?

When and where has the US brought peace to any country in the world? The Peace Corps are known undercover CIA operatives.

They've instigated all manner of instability in many African countries. It's a documented fact.

We do have incidences of sea piracy, drug trafficking and seamen disappearing on our high seas.

  • How frequent have these been happening?
  • How many have we registered and how serious is it?
  • Where are the compelling data sets?

To control this mole hill, we have signed onto this Ship Rider Agreement with a known terrorist  - which has inflicted untold misery, chaos and destruction around the world.

The recent undersea bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline and the attack on the Crimea Bridge last weekend. Both have CIA fingerprints all over them.

Papua New Guineans have been grossly misled and we've opened wide our doors for large scale criminal gangsters and terrorists to come on to our turf.

The government is strongly urged to rescind or terminate this hollow and ridiculous agreement.

PNG shouldn't be impressed by this lousy USD$800 million US pledge to the 14 Pacific Islands countries over 10 years.

This is an insulting weak-bean sauce to contemplate mortgaging our ‘friend to all and enemy to none’ foreign policy position.

Madness Reigns Supreme over a Molehill (002)


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Corney Korokan Alone

Papua New Guineans are not oblivious to the theft and plunder of our fish and marine resources by the Americans. That was fairly recent.

To whitewash that and appear innocent and good, takes such as offensive gall from another planet.

We are very conscious of empires that have wrought incalculable damage and destruction to others. Some of those empires never ventured out and conquered colonies and territories. Others felt that their gunpowder and greed were all they required for centuries of enslaving others.

The 21st century is a multipolar world. Some folks are still stuck on some outdated research and slaveholder mindsets. That is not going to wash in the Pacific Islands.

The not-so Great Britain must come to her senses too and know that, the sun has set. She also has no business sticking her nose in the Pacific Islands.

We might have been manipulated to see only her left hands with that those innocent looking glove, but we are well aware of her right hand's wreckages. It is stained with blood from the North American, Caribbean, African and Asian continents innocent lives.

That same nonsense is repeated to this day in Ukraine: https://thegrayzone.com/2022/10/10/ukrainian-kerch-bridge/

Lindsay F Bond

Of that ‘huge Chinese Market’, access is frankly fundamental for fishery produce, of which a recent report shows, and amounts to what is described as plunder.

See: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/17/chinese-fishing-armada-plundered-waters-around-galapagos-data-shows

As to where truth lies, if lie it be, some respect for reporting of IUU (Illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing
comes from no less than Australia's CSIRO.

See: https://research.csiro.au/iuu/about/state-of-world-fisheries/

Thus is reported that "fisheries support the livelihoods of eight per cent of the world’s population" and "exports of fish account for one per cent of global merchandise trade". Big game indeed.
Most likely no fish was consulted, nor mammal breached (not Mysticeti nor Odontoceti) so sea dwellers all might not recognise flags of human registration.

Chris Overland

Corney's article makes for depressing reading. The foreign policy failings of the USA and the various sins of the CIA which he repeats are well known thanks to the USA's lively if sometimes semi-unhinged media.

That said, it is the sins of the vastly more sinister and secretive intelligence arms of the authoritarian powers that ought to disturb Corney a great deal more. These agencies subvert, distort, intimidate, bribe and, if necessary, murder to achieve their objectives.

I mention this not in order to suggest or imply that the CIA, the UK's MI6, Australia's ASIS or the modern French Deuxieme Bureau enjoy moral superiority over their authoritarian equivalents (although I think they do) but to make the point that most intelligence agencies operate in very much the same way.

It is very fashionable to attribute almost any unexplained event to sinister forces from within what Donald Trump's deluded supporters call the 'Deep State'. Corney's assertion that the CIA's fingerprints are all over the recent gas pipe ruptures in the Baltic fits into this category.

There is not a shred of evidence for this assertion, and it totally ignores the powerful motivation for the Russians to do it, but this will not stop some people believing what Corney has said. No doubt Russia's FSB will be exceedingly pleased to have the services of people it habitually calls 'useful idiots'.

As for the idea that the CIA has been involved in the recent explosion that damaged the Kerch bridge in Crimea, Corney is ignoring Ukraine's proven capacity for technical innovation, subterfuge and deception in the current war.

They have out thought and out fought the Russian's very consistently, and I very much doubt that they needed the CIA's input to figure out how to blow up Putin's pride and joy. Hopefully, they will do it again soon.

The lesson of history is that all great powers pursue their political and economic interests in various ways, some open and some not. The recent agreement between the USA and the various small Pacific states fits very much into the former category.

The USA, for all its faults, is a comparatively open book to read when it comes to its commercial interests. Its great corporations are no more or less ruthless in their pursuit of profit than those of China or the UK or Russia or any other major power.

Corney is right to be wary of the new agreement with the USA but wrong to believe that it an especially unfair or even sinister document. It is just words really: the true test of the new arrangements will be revealed over time.

I think that those who signed the agreement did so in the hope and belief that the USA is, on balance, a better, more honest and more reliable partner than would be one of the world's authoritarian powers. History suggests that this judgement is likely to be correct.

Johnny Blades

"Delusions reign supreme"

Philip Fitzpatrick

I agree with you Corney.

The USA is an evil empire. But then again, so are all the other empires the world has known.

I also agree with John Queripel's piece "West's anti-China rhetoric reeks of hypocrisy.

A good friend of mine, Charlie Brillante, an ex-kiap, drowned off Manus in the 1980s. He was living in his wife, Mary's village at the time.

He had been leading protests against the giant US tuna fishing company, Seakist, which was plundering the seas off Manus and stuffing up local fishing.

The official line is that he drowned while spearfishing.

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