At long last, can malaria be eradicated?
Buai bans don’t work; so what will?


The editor is finding his recovery from back surgery more difficult than expected, with the result that articles are not appearing with the customary regularity. This may continue for some time. Please bear with me - KJ


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William Dunlop

Platinum, Bernard, platinum. You'd expect nothing less for one of Sir William Lyons' steeds. After all, like Harry Ferguson, he started off on motorcycles.

Mind you, Harry Ferguson got a little sidetracked before his tractors. He designed and built and flew the first Irish balus.

Harry Topham

Phil - You know what they say about orifices, everyone has one and they mainly blow hot air. So there.

Bernard Corden

My dear William,

I hope the Jag paint job comes out OK. I've seen plenty of British racing green coloured Jags but never any orange ones.

Philip Fitzpatrick

If you guys start talking about your bowel movements I'm signing off.

William Dunlop

Ongoing commiserations, Keith. Like Harry I have my back moments.

Back on 3 June 2022, a car pulled out on me with no warning on the service road at Darwin Mazda.

I'm two car lengths away at 45 kmh in my S Type Automatic Jaguar and starting to slow to turn into to the Fetch shop on the next block.

My left foot is hovering on the brake pedal; which I promptly planted. My Jag finishes up a $ write-off. The offending Hyundai is a wreck.

The Hyundai driver has been charged with driving without due care. And yours truly ends up with whiplash of both sciatic nerves and my neck as well as rib bruising from my live-life alarm under the seat belt!

I still managed to have lunch at the Mindle Beach Sailing Club with Barry Smith who was in town for a trip on the Ghan.

I have a wonderful physiotherapist. She's getting me back together again after 36 sessions and more to come. I'm off the walking aid using a steadying stick. All paid for by the Territory Insurance Office.

I will now be driving my 1977 restored XJ 6 Jaguar when it comes out of the paint shop next week. Slantie.

Can't keep a good man, or a good Jag, down - KJ

Harry Topham

I can empathise with you Keith as I am a fellow sufferer of a very bad back.

Have been through all the medical networks involved with back pain however the chief physio at hospital after extensive stress testing exercises decided that at this stage surgery was nor warranted and recommended more intensive exercises regimes to alleviate constant back pain.

Great new for some one who does not suffer from constant back pain and occasional very very painful cramps which lock up legs.

Strange event tho, at a recent hydrotheraphy session legs locked up and another old fellow sufferer seeing me in distress rushed to my aid and started to pinch my ear lobes and strangely enough the pain immediately subsided.

Mmmmmm, maybe acupuncture might also be an option?

Ross Wilkinson

Your health's the most important thing! We can wait.


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