B’ville signals tough line on independence
Appeasers silent as Russia loses grip on war

Poetry for Peace



There’s a tremblin’ in the Kremlin,
And a rumour in the Duma,
That it‘s a serious time to definitely make a change,
For there’s those who can’t deny,
That there’s no good reason why,
Putin’s downfall's taking too long to arrange.


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Lindsay F Bond

Paul, shall it "come to pass" that the ills raining down on Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine shall edge back in time and become as unremembered as that of atrocities labeled as Rabaul, Sandakan and more?

Your 'Vlad' tidings is a major (shirt) front.
How, if humanly possible, to end the military conflict in Ukraine, is the task of today.

As demonstration, the latest report of a life lost (one of many but this one signifying the wretchedness of the Russian offensive) is of a woman, a mother, a medical practitioner (doctor), a person whose career was in sustaining life and wellness.

This comment is a lament particular to honour the life and endeavour of the late Oksana Leontieva of Kyiv.


Paul Oates

Now for sure there’s no disputin’, that ol’ Russki Vladimir Putin,
Now seems short of a few more pennies in the pound,
For as he fires his rockets, while surveying his empty pockets,
It’s not hard to see who’s lost the latest round.
By maintaining Vlad’s delusion, provides the inevitable conclusion,
That it’s time to refrain, from continuing to attack Ukraine.

Chips Mackellar

Good one, Paul.
I did not realise you were a poet. How about giving us some more.

Lindsay F Bond

Paul, adverse in verse, pricks but one ballooning misery.

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