For good or ill US is democracy’s torch bearer
Julie Bishop delivers hard truths to PNG

Share where you can & fight when you must


"Those who cling to perceptions and views wander the world offending people" - Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha (c 563-483 BCE)

"These ideals include the belief that security derives from respect for universal human rights, that wealth means well-being, that individual health corresponds to a healthy environment, that mental health is affected by experience of citizen interdependence and solidarity. Democracy depends on security derived from human rights-based policies to promote equality" – Stuart Rees in John Menadue Pearls & Irritations, quoted by Philip Fitzpatrick

LAE - Nope. Poor ideals to me.

Regardless of democracy I don't think life works that way in reality, and it's likely that Costa Rica would not work without the CIA and Uncle Sam up north.

Security does not derive from respect.

Security prevents disrespect.

Tolerance derives from respect.

Reciprocation is key. Strength must undergird this, and when push comes to shove (e.g., Ukraine), you must be prepared to stand and fight for your rights.

What is the basis of human rights if it is not something worth defending?

Wealth does not mean well-being, which is a fluctuating state in which one does not necessarily preclude the other, and it sounds like a neo-liberal rationalisation to equate the two.

Well-being/wealth does not entail long and peaceful life - suffering and death happen.

I think Siddhartha*, said it better.

Individual health and environmental health are associated but not necessarily correspondent, otherwise Germany would have won.

And if you go around thinking that your personal sanity depends on the rational thoughts, speech and actions of other human beings, then you're going to go nuts pretty quickly - and frankly I'm surprised that any of the old time kiaps made it out of PNG without completely losing their marbles.

Or maybe...


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