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Have you seen this man?

Kogoya   Mr-CapitalismYAMIN KOGOYA

BRISBANE – You may have seen this man-like beast, masquerading as human among the children of earth.

A self-indulgent man, he decorated his empty skull with all kinds of hedonistic ideas, and sophisticated expressions and gazes.

He enters the earth at night like a thief, in fact he is a thief to steal what belongs to the children of earth.

This man has no home, no place, nor does he possess the soul of the earth.

He is a bleak entity, parasitic – living only by manipulating and adapting to his host.

One minute, he resides in one place and after consuming the blood of his host, moves to another living organism on earth and then another.

This is how he survives. Because he has no cognitive ability, he does not understand the language of the children of earth.

Have you seen this man roaming around your village, on your street, or in your hotel room like a God looking down on the children of earth - as if he owns them - with a smirk on his featureless face?

He has many armies, many followers, and many fans with whom he shares his spoils of stolen goods, stolen souls, and stolen blood.

Be careful when you see him.

As a weaponised man, he has infused his poison into all of his armies and followers and they have become his host, his temporal headquarters until he absconds to virgin ground, to the pure ground – the children of earth.

Have you seen this man? He stole all your children and sold them on the black market to dealers – his generals and commanders – to be made into commodities.

His generals drained the life force – the blood – from them, the children of the earth.

You have seen this man! He has conned your leaders, elders, pastors, youth, and respectable men and women with his deadly poison.

Conned them to serve, to work, to worship and to glorify him.

Yeah, that’s right. It is in his nature to be all about himself, not concerned about anyone else or anything else but himself.

Have you felt pain, suffering, and the death of your mob everywhere, anywhere, at all times, throughout the ancient land – the sacred land of your ancestors – the autochthons?

Has this man numbed your nerves, your ancestral source of energy of the earth to prevent you from feeling the pain or mourning the loss of those you love?

Ask yourself, ‘have I seen this man?’

This man has killed your God, and your spirit, he has stripped you naked, poisoned your soil, forced you outside of your own home, and forced you to live like a beggar, homeless in the rain.

Sometimes, he dresses himself as a rainbow with a glimmering aura, surrounded by lights of the cosmos to avoid being captured and tried for his crimes.

All children of earth paused all of their activities and gazed at his splendiferous display with many questions, many wonders, and with curiosity.

Children of the earth forget everything that is pure, original, forget their children, husbands, wives, elders, and run to see the magnificent rainbow show.

Once they reach the rainbow, there is nothing inside; it is empty, it has disappeared, and they cannot taste, touch, or catch it. It is his magic, his power – the power of the parasite he uses to con his hosts – to manipulate their imagination so that they keep chasing him, following him, and worshipping him until all their blood is sucked out, and they all drop dead.

When the children of earth are dead, he moves onto the next living organism and starts the tragic drama – the magic of the rainbow again to con the new host.

This is the nature of this man – this man does not have life, he has no spirit, no language, no nationality, no land, no family, no home, but lives only at the mercy of his hosts – the children of the earth.

Have you seen this man? Do you know his name, his nature, his character, and his empty and cunning rainbow magic?

Well, if you do not know, I will tell you. I will tell you his name?

His name is Mr Capitalism.

In your pocket, home, store, living room, forest, lake, mountains, river, sky, church, school, and beneath the earth – Mr Capitalism is with you, beside you, inside you, above you, below you, because you are his temporal host.


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