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Is Golden Sun a scam? Sure looks like it

| Academia Nomad | Edited

PORT MORESBY – It seems that Golden Sun is the next hot thing in Papua New Guinea - an unbelievably easy way to make money through ‘investment’.

But it has all the features of a scam.

Just below is a Facebook post by someone named Gabriel, who has been engaged in e-commerce (including online payments).

He did a bit of research that he says reveals Golden Sun is actually a clever scheme run within PNG, and not out of the UK as the Golden Sun website claims.

Gabriel’s notes on Golden Sun

I did some research on Golden Sun. I know some of you are making money through that website.

If you are, well and good.

This post is to verify whether you are paid online through the website or not at all.

I registered, logged in (through a link of course) and did some movie reviews at F level.

I then attempted a withdrawal to make a request so I could trace the destination of the site.

Also to check if it actually went through a payment gateway with Visa identification.

I did this is because I know any payment gateway processor will have an algorithm that checks the validity of the Visa card number.

is an e-commerce application service that authorizes payments for e-businesses e.g online payments (fee/fines/deposits)

After analysing the packets, I found that these transactions (packets of data) didn’t go to an internet payment gateway (IPG).

They went to a data centre (CloudFlare) in the United Kingdom that is only managing the website (remote address:

Now I’ve done quite a few side hustles with e-commerce websites and I know that for you to be paid online the transaction has to go through a payment gateway.

Golden Sun nogat displa.

The movie reviews, they don’t go anywhere. Zero payloads.

Now you will probably have watched on YouTube how some of our countrymen do withdrawals through the Golden Sun website and receive money in their Bank South Pacific account.

But what they don’t know is that the United States dollars they see in their Golden Sun account are nothing but calculated digits.

Someone else is transferring money to their accounts via SMS or internet banking.

Once you click the withdrawal button, a website administrator here in PNG receives your request along with your user ID, bank details together and the ‘US dollar’ points you get for doing the fake movie review.

The administrator then physically transfers money to your account via SMS or internet banking to compensate you for referring clients to register with Golden Sun via the link you shared.

It has a code at the end tied to your account ID so the administrator can monitor how many new people registered through the link you shared.

That’s why people have to wait 6-7 hours to see their account credited.

Footnote from Academia Nomad

Golden Sun has every feature of a scam. The goal of a scam is to get people to lose hard earned money.

If something sounds too good to be true, it's potentially a scam.

God told man to ‘work’. Anything that doesn't involve work of some sort will cost you.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Sad to see so many Papua New Guineans caught up in this scam.


Hezron Wangi Jr

Golden Sun is a classic Pyramid scheme. For those naysayers claiming otherwise, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and those big production studios don't pay shite for crappy movie reviews.

The big movie reviewers like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB ratings and such provide these services free of charge.

If you're wondering who's paid you at first, it was your wantok.

You don't know they're paying you with their K700 for that executive D level or whatever level of nonsense there was. Nor did they know.

The thing about Ponzi and Pyramid schemes is that they usually don't last long at all, the end is always nigh and the rewards short-lived.

Then the reality arrives and smacks you in the arse. Stay away from these scams.

Joseph Miria Jnr

Scam it is. Where are their faces and IDs?

Ghost in wires hiding behind network. I think ITs are involved.

Rolen Kos

I hope all those saying Golden Sun is real now understand that it isn't real at all.

Please do not make the same mistake again. Always do your research before committing resources on quick investment schemes as they may be scams.

Sorry tru. Looks like the PNG economy is further eroded by Golden Sun as millions of kina falls in the wrong hands.

William Dunlop

Quote: Never give a sucker an even break - WC Fields.

G'day, Keith, I made the big 80 and finally, despite/in spite of the pollies, had my fifth Covid booster shot. Slantie.

Well done on both scores, William. Also just had my fifth (nofukin around with that mean virus). Following a couple of years behind you with binoculars to see how the greighties goes - KJ

Nathan Ghandia

We all take risks to survive in this democratic society of Papua New Guinea.

Government can't create employment for people.

Let people choose and take risks to survive. It's worth trying rather than spread rumours and false hope.

I see Golden Sun as an opportunity for people to earn and make something out of it.

It is all about investment so let people choose whether they invest or not.They are taking their own risk to survive.

Donald Salu

Believe reality. Never believe someone's point of view.

Stop all your nonsense about Golden Sun. Knowledge, degrees or doctorates are just pieces of paper.

Let people invest in whatever they want to. It's is not your money. None of your business.

Christopher Markus

Before you start investing on Golden Sun, it is important to do your own research and understand the risks.

It is also important to be aware of the fees associated and to manage your own investments properly.

As with any other investment, there are no guarantees on Golden Sun, so it is important to proceed cautiously and carefully.

Investing in Golden Sun is a form of speculative investment and it is up to the individual users to decide whether or not it is the right platform for them.

Wills Haukens

So how do you earn, by recruiting more people or by just signing up and reviewing movies?

Good question, Wills. These schemes first give players/members a bit of money back, move on to take some more, give some back, and finally take a lot and leave many people broke. Link below to a useful article on Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes - KJ


Philip Fitzpatrick

It's saddening reading all of the naive comments on this topic.

It's a Ponzi scheme folks. Sooner or later it will bite you.

Kendrick langapu

I'm interested in how to register.

Irene Emil Palanga

Really want to register with Golden Sun.

Augustine Memelua

I am a member here too. What Gabby say is a lie. You cannot withdraw when you register in level F.

My goodness. You will allow withdrawal when you register level D up to level S and earn more dollars first.

I paid K720 (level D) and I already withdrew that and I've now earned K951 from my K720.

Jonas Joshua

I tried registering and wanted to upgrade and they gave a BSP bank account number to send someone in Lae K720.

Was sceptical because, if you are working for Paramount as claimed, shouldn't the money go to them and not to someone in Lae?

Eliud Yuki

After reading, it seemed quite different from what Gabriel is trying to prove. From my experience as a Golden Sun user, there are levels F, E, D, C, B, A & S.

For example, if you register for level D which is USD180 (K720) you get to cashout USD270 which is K1080.

This explains much better than a scam should. So the question is, should we believe Gabriel who is an e-commerce genius or should we go for reality.

The Westminster System was designed to control and manipulate the lesser race (Blacks). They taught us to believe their lies.

So people, it is up to us. It's my money and I choose to spend it where I choose to....

Naomielynn Soro Bolokes

I registered online and do the F-level movie thing.

Bernice Suma

I am a member and I have successfully been getting paid by Golden Sun for watching movies.

This is also helping me pay off my rent and during loose week.

So people please do your research well and find out from us who have joined before commenting negatively.

It's not like Aim Global that bullshitted any PNG people and never paid them their profit.

I should remind readers that letters promoting or praising any product are not necessarily to be taken at face value unless independently verified - KJ

Denzel Kasa

Making money online is real and can be done. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as most people like to put it, you have to research and understand what you are doing then put some effort into it.

It takes time and some patience. I heard about Golden Sun from work colleagues here in PNG but was skeptical and had to do my own research into it.

I have worked hard all my life to earn what I have now and I understand that everything in life must be earned. Nothing is for free.

Nathan Pandi

Interested how I can I apply.

Ronald Warafi Yarang

I am interested. How will I pay to become a member?

Hi Rodney, you would likely pay a price you can't afford - KJ

Christopher Tinai

I just registered on Gold Sun and I'm being lectured by someone who happened to get my number.

Samson Emo

Golden Sun is not a scam - is a real.

Michael Lorenz

There is another version of this scam which targets jobseekers in Australia. It is reinforced by welfare rules which say a jobseeker can't knock back a job.

"... When she was contacted by someone describing themselves as a recruitment officer over WhatsApp who offered $950 a week to write fake reviews for high-profile hotel chains, and other sites selling products online, she thought the job would give her life stability and help lift her family out of poverty.

"Everything seemed easy – at the start, the scammers paid more for 'pre-paid tasks', where Rose put in money and was paid back extra.

"She made $400 in two days. The scammers instructed Rose to put in larger and larger amounts – until they stopped paying her back.

“The first one is $200 and you get basically $54 back for that, which isn’t much. Then you go to $800, then it’s $1,200, then it’s $10,000.

"... the government’s welfare policies mean those on jobseeker are vulnerable to scammers....

“People can feel forced to participate in recruitment scams through fear of having their jobseeker payment stopped.

"People on jobseeker are generally not allowed to turn down paid work. The rules are so punitive that some don’t have the confidence to question whether they can be forced to take these sorts of ‘jobs’.”


Kevin O'Regan

Great subject PNG Attitude and very timely.

Many people, the subsistence ones, are the most vulnerable. Show me the PNG millionaires from AIM Global!

I haven't met any yet, although lots of images of various people jetting off to Dubai for the holiday of a lifetime. I'm yet to see images of their amazing holiday upon return to PNG.

When something sounds 'too good to be true', rest assured itn invariably is.

Desperate people do desperate things and the target is always the humble Mamas existing on market sales.

Michael Lorenz

There is a reddit thread about this:


Some of the comments:

SpinningHKs (8 days ago) - A lot of my Maori family fall for these all the time on Facebook. From lionshares to kagen water.

Pepita-papaya (8 days ago) - Told me friend and mom the same thing... They shrugged me off.m bec they were able to 'withdraw' .. I guess people have to learn the hard way like I did...

jayjay1086 (8 days ago) - Similar, but definitely falls under the 'ponzi' category. My family member was 'an employee' writing 'movie reviews' that go up on rotten tomatoes, IMDb etc. Then they were 'fired' cause they didn't sign up enough people... lol

Sew_Sumi (8 days ago) - So they paid into this thing?

jayjay1086 (8 days ago) - Yeeeeeeep, shoulda been the first red flag hey. You have to pay into it. And the more you pay upfront the 'more you can earn' lol.

Sew_Sumi (8 days ago) And writing reviews, seems an odd side-task. So odd that would've rang alarms if they are paying them, and doing work.

jayjay1086 (8 days ago) - Totally. They were quite persistent and apparently made it all sound believable but I'm just sharing in hopes that no one else gets got.

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