The rules that guide us were created by us
Croc victim had skipped church service

Chained in the abyss

Once proud
Pharaoh Ramses of Egypt.
His pride led to his downfall


Provide him with stale bread, I’ll give the crumbs.
Let us feed him from our banquet of emptiness,
Let him scavenge for the barest morsels;
For vanity, he forsook eternity for time.

Let him dwell in small dens, long vacated by mortals,
Or under the sediment left by crumbling ruins,
Of a once proud monarch now long obsolete. 
In dark days, when misery gathers like dung,

The sky is burning, and the sea of flame,
He will ponder his former lot in celestial spheres,
But what good will this do for the former cherub?
What is there left of the life once squandered?

Once inflated by the vice of discontent and pride,
Now fallen to lower orbits of banal, earthly spheres,
Soon to vanish to oblivion with unpleasant memories,
As a glass shattered into irretrievable zillion pieces.


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Simon Davidson

Hi Richard. This is a subversive poem about Lucifer who later became Satan. This poem reflects on his former reign in celestial spheres and his later demise as recorded in the Biblical books of Isaiah 14 & Rev 20.

Richard Jones

Simon, I presume this is not referring to the amazing Pharaoh Ramses II, who reigned from 1279--1213 BCE.

He was one of the great rulers of ancient Egypt and we have visited more than once his great statue at Luxor (Thebes) and the amazing temples at Abu Simbel, not far from the Sudan border.

The engravings, paintings and words in pictures on the walls inside are unforgettable. Ramses lived until he was 90 or 91, an astonishing age for the period. His military conquests were outstanding for the era.

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