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Chris Cooke and Oscar
Chris Cooke (Samaritan Aviation medical director) and Oscar recount the story of his rescue following Oscar’s recovery

| Samaritan Aviation

MT HAGEN - It was early morning, and Oscar was getting ready for his day as a high school teacher in Pagwi.

As he walked to the well for his morning shower, he was bitten by a death adder.

Less than an hour later Oscar began to feel dizzy, and headed to the local health centre.

When he arrived, the poison was taking hold and Oscar was unable to swallow or speak properly.

He soon began to fall in and out of consciousness.

The nurses called Samaritan Aviation and began to transport Oscar to the runway on a stretcher.

The Samaritan Aviation team responded to the emergency and immediately flew to Pagwi.

Once the team landed, they put Oscar into the plane and took off for Boram hospital.

During the flight, Oscar felt he was beginning to die.

“That’s what I was feeling”, he said, “that I wanted to die”.

After landing at Wewak airport, we transferred Oscar into an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

He was near death when he was admitted, and we weren’t sure he was going to make it.

After receiving anti-venom, Oscar began to regain consciousness.

Chris Cooke and his family visited Oscar in hospital, praying over him and sharing the Gospel with him.

Within a few days he had made a full recovery.

He returned home and resumed teaching at Pagwi high school.

Being in care for a few days gave Oscar time to think. He thought about his life and what this recovery meant for him and his relationship with God.

He now views his brush with death as an interesting testimony, and lives his life with joy.

“I realised I was dead, but now I am alive,” he says.

“Thank you to Samaritan Aviation for your support, and to those who continue to support Samaritan Aviation… thank you. May God bless you all and what you are doing.”


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