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Croc victim had skipped church service

Victor is gently unloaded from the Samaritan Aviation aircraft
Victor is gently unloaded from the
Samaritan Aviation floatplane

| Samaritan Aviation

MT HAGEN - The skies were clear on a Sunday when we received a call requesting lifesaving transport after a crocodile attack on a young man.

Victor was one of two teenagers who had been fishing. While helping his friend retrieve a fish from the water, a crocodile clamped down on Victor’s leg.

He managed somehow to free himself from its grasp, but not without suffering damage to his leg and considerable blood loss.

The young men secured a canoe trip back to their village of Murik Lakes, and eventually made contact with pilot Mark Palm, who had been on another flight.

Once he had word of their exact location, Mark and medical director Chris Cooke began the 25 minute flight to attend to the serious injury.

They assessed the trauma and flew Victor to Boram Hospital where he was treated.

Thankfully, Victor had no broken bones, but he stayed in hospital for two weeks recovering from the substantial injuries and blood loss.

Rescue is not Samaritan Aviation’s only goal and, as we regularly do, we sought to minister to Victor and his family through provision, prayer and the sharing of Christ.

In conversing with his mother, we learned her understanding of what had occurred.

She believed that Victor, who had skipped a church service, was attacked for just that reason, but released when the crocodile viewed the crucifix around his neck.

This is an example of how many view the spirit world here and clearly shows the need for discipleship among Believers, new and old.

It’s a privilege to serve the people of Papua New Guinea and share God’s mercy.

We prayed for Victor, for continued healing and for him to clearly see God’s love for him, through an understanding of the true gospel and the mission of Samaritan Aviation.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Good title.

Croc refuses to eat Christian would have been good too.

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