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The Old Justice Is Dead

Under This Cement Slab

| Ples Singsing - A PNG Writers' Blog

Under this decorated slab
A person with unused treasures lies
Treasures so huge for an entire country
Because our years are numbered
And life can be very short
Under the slab are untold treasures

Under this slab lies a wealthy man
Silent, closed eyes, a mind no more
A dead body in a small single room
With its wealth worth many millions
Sadly unused before his time was up
Under this slab also a person of worth

That slab hides beneath a person of ideas,
Of vision and plans all sketched out
Linked with wisdom and understanding
All this gone to the grave unused
Beneath this slab is a wealthy man
And also a gifted and talented person

Today under this slab maggots feast
But only on the body and not on the soul
Untapped riches gone with soul into oblivion
Man lives once, no more, and is gone to soon
Leaving behind gifts, memories and stories
Of the person under the slab whose life has gone


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