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31 at Coronation is an abuse of our people

(What's Good PNG)
Pacific Islands representation at the Coronation of King Charles III.  PNG really knows how to waste money (What's Good PNG)

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PORT MORESBY – The Papua New Guinea government has just spent K6 million on events to mark King Charles III’s Coronation at London’s Westminster Abbey.

PNG is one of a diminishing number of Commonwealth countries that have the King of England as their head of state.

We are one of the poorer countries and this waste of money needs a response.

We need volunteers to lay a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission to investigate everyone involved. This is the email you need: [email protected]

There’s also currently a consultation being conducted by the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) on whether the Governor-General’s position in PNG is necessary.

I think we should all write to the CLRC to say we want the Governor-General’s position abolished. Send your email to the Office of the Secretary at [email protected]

And if you’re really serious, remember this moment and don’t return Rainbo Paita MP and Justin Tkatchenko MP to office in 2027.

We are definitely in need of benefiting from prime minister Marape’s death curse on the corrupt.

On National Repentance Day in August 2019, Marape addressed the nation and pronounced curses on a number of people, especially the public servants and political leaders engrossed in corruption.

This month, a delegation of 31 people travelled to the Coronation: the Governor-General, Sir Bob Dadae, and his wife, state ministers and the Governor-General’s ‘guests’.

According to reports, only four representatives, plus a protocol officer to carry the flag, had tickets to attend the Coronation itself.

This means that, as far as Buckingham Palace was concerned, only five representatives from PNG could attend the great event.

The foreign affairs minister’s daughter was one of the lucky ones along with the prime minister and PNG’s high commissioner to the UK.

This trip cost PNG K3 million and another K3 million was spent on an event in Port Moresby to mark the Coronation - a symbolic event for those who didn’t travel to the UK.

We can complain about the symbolic, unnecessary and extravagant event in Port Moresby.

We can curse the 31 delegates who had a great holiday in the UK at the expense of taxpayers.

We can argue about the relevance of the Governor-General in PNG.

But all these mean nothing if the Governor-General and his delegation are not held accountable.

We need practical action.

After you lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman Commission put a spotlight on it. Call a media conference and let the country know.

Secondly, take advantage of the review currently being conducted by the Constitutional Law Reform Commission about whether having a Governor-General as PNG’s head of state is necessary.

If you think PNG doesn’t need a Governor-General, make your voice known by participating in the nationwide consultation going on or through a written submission to the Constitutional Law Reform Commission.

Those two email addresses again: Ombudsman Commission [email protected] and Constitutional and Law Reform Commission [email protected]

And please don’t forget your role in the 2022 elections when you returned Justin Tkatchenko and Rainbo Paita as MPs. Yes, they’re still in office because you voted them back.

The next election is four years away, but if you’re really serious about abuse of state funds remember this K6 wasted when the election come around.

The quality of the leaders we get is reflective of the quality of the decisions we make during elections.

Finally, James Marape has already declared a curse on those who engage in corruption in PNG.

Corruption is a criminal act but it can also be an abuse of funds using legal means, which is what the Coronation expenses amounted to.

So let’s hope the curse works and, if these events and trips amount to abuse of funds, may Marape’s prayers be answered.

These 31 aristocrats who travelled to the land of their royal master, and their siblings who participated in the symbolic celebrations in Port Moresby, must know they are soaked in the blood of Papua New Guineans who died this week because of a lack of medical supplies.

If these people don’t realise the truth of that, I hope Marape’s prayer comes to pass.


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Thomas Gavia

It goes to show how and what the government's priorities are and when and where it can spend money without thinking of the immediate impact that it will have on the people of this great nation.

It saddens me to see such spending on impulsive travelling and inutile events that will not benefit our already suffering economy.

Kindin Ongugo

There are no real surprises. I thought I might just make the obvious remark.

If the bloke has been keeping his Australian passport it would not be a surprise as we can remember what happened at Australian federal parliament in 2016.

It is not a surprise for me that a man with an IQ to have a job as a professional gardener to be a country's foreign minister because it reflects the IQ of the man who made the decision.

PNG has been thrown into the gutter by these men.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Why are we not surprised Kindin?

Kindin Ongugo

A major spillover effect from the Coronation is already being felt in PNG.

It appears the man Marape appointed to represent him for the Coronation has his days numbered if what is being circulating on social media is correct.

The sane thing for this bloke is to resign from parliament and reapply for his Australian citizenship if he had really given up his Australia passport prior to entering parliament.

Thanks to social media and ABC Pacific Beat for revealing the man's most inner being.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Now installed with his doxy Camilla, who he has managed to wrangle into Queen Camilla. Even his mum couldn't get her hubby made king.

I love the photo heading the article. He looks like a member of a local theatrical club playing a king in a town hall production of Shakespeare.

Simon Davidson

The coronation of King Charles III is a relic of an antiquated era when the thesis of divine right of kings allowed corrupt kings and barons to reign unchallenged.

In our enlightened, post-revolutionary world run on democratic principles, we don't need a king.

A king especially like the coronated King Charles III who as an adulterer engulfed in many follies.

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