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The rain is running like a cresting fever
pushing the tide on the swollen river
painting buildings thermometer silver
palling the streets that sweat and shiver.

My study window is moist with tears
the roof is weak and a leak appears
dribbles down the wall like passing years
gathers in a puddle of lurking fears.

My morning walk past pools and through gutters
and storm water grates that gurgle and mutter
and treacherous tiles as slippery as butter
is as unsure as the promises sly pollies utter.

My head is bare and soaks up the rain
which runs in my eyes and seeps in my brain
drowning my dreams. They’re waving in vain,
no glimpse of hope as they sink once again.

I long for the return of the rampant sun
and clear shiny days drenched in dry fun
when the damp and mould have surely gone
and this season of soakage is finally done.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

I like Hauser's poetry. I wish I could write poems like him.

We see a lot of poetry on PNG Attitude, some of it is good and some of it is not so good.

Like any writer, a poet should be able to accept criticisms and opinions on their work.

If we simply rave about every new poem that appears we are not helping anyone, the poet included.

If Hauser doesn't like someone's criticisms he's perfectly entitled to ignore them.

I should make it clear that Richard Hauser neither minds criticism nor ever expresses concern about critics - KJ

Lindsay F Bond

Come on people, more not less, to encourage participation. OK, "don't force your opinion", but writing starts bring hope.

Keith Jackson

'Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder'

Poetry by Bri Mar

You can see it and hear it, it's a sensual taste,
Yes It is truly a gift to behold,
You can touch it or smell it on our senses it's based,
Aesthetically it begins to unfold.

So what is beauty how is it defined?
Is there a right or a wrong?
What is beautiful to someone who's blind?
To who or what does it really belong?

It can be hearing a song or a voice you love,
Which proves it doesn't need to be seen,
Thinking of the joys of Heaven above,
What you love someone else will demean.

Meeting your partner for the very first time,
Seeing your first child come alive,
Touching the peaks of those mountains you climb,
Feeling pride as your offspring thrive.

I can smell beauty in flowers and trees,
Others see it glisten in the skies,
A joy to behold is the taste of the seas,
To all of our senses it applies.

There is so much diversity in that very word,
Yet it's individual to one and all,
That's why this subject is going to be blurred,
What you love to some will appal.

Beauty is something we all seek in life,
Look, it stares us all in the face
It's a word that can cause such terrible strife,
Yet it's something we all love to embrace.

You don't need to search for it's all around,
We encounter it day in and day out,
By respecting all life it can be found,
It's a gift we are never without.

What you think is beautiful others may hate,
So don't force your opinion on another,
Some things will lift you while others deflate,
What you love to some may well smother.

Don't be self-righteous step down from your perch,
It's much deeper than the depth of our skin,
What you can't see is where you must search,
True beauty always comes from within.

It can't be taught nor can it be bought,
You'll not find it in a book or a folder,
The meaning of that word that you have sought,
'Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder'

Lindsay F Bond

Ticks like boxes, signs with rhymes.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Some of the worst poetry occurs when a rhyme pattern is forced with words that don't quite gel. This poem does that but also introduces a visual pattern of fake rhyme that doesn't work when sounded out. The end result is clumsy doggerel.

I reckon another go is in order - maybe in free verse.

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