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Samaritan gives Junior a second chance

| CEO & Co-Founder |Samaritan Aviation

Semi-conscious snakebite victim, Junior, safely on the way to Wewak Hospital aboard one of Samaritan Aviation's float planes. The aircraft provide an aerial ambulance service that has brought a new dimension to PNG health services

CALIFORNIA - Our floatplanes can turn a three-day trip to the hospital into a one hour flight. On a recent trip to Papua New Guinea, Jim Mott and I experienced a flight just like this.

We were on our way to deliver medicine to a remote village, when an urgent message came: 'Snake Bite - Chambri Lakes - 10 year old'.

Chambri Lakes was just minutes away. When we arrived, we loaded a young boy named Junior.

He was foaming at the mouth and delirious, unable to talk and violently thrashing.

Within seconds he was secured and we were airborne for the 30-minute flight to the Wewak hospital.

His only chance to live was the snake anti-venom he so desperately needed.

Whenever one of our patients is in the hospital, we spend time with them, sharing the word of God and providing food, clothing or any needs while they recover.

But, when our team arrived to visit Junior the next day, we found out that he had already been discharged.

A week later I was back in Chambri Lakes and I asked a village leader if Junior had returned.

I hardly recognised him as he stood in the canoe with a big smile on his face.

I was able to meet Junior’s Mom and find out more about their family and life in the village.

It was a highlight to be able to pray with the family and the village as we thanked God for saving Junior’s life.

We are grateful to God that we were able to save his life and so many others in PNG.

Having these experiences keeps us going and thankful for the support Samaritan Aviation receives.

  • Mark Palm is the Co-Founder and CEO of Samaritan Aviation



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