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An informal street dump in Boroko. The once garden suburb must be cleaned up says prime minister Marape   (Image by Malum Nalu)

PORT MORESBY - James Marape has expressed confidence that the Papua New Guinea economy is on the brink of an unprecedented surge, fuelled by the advancement of major resource projects.

The prime minister emphasised that this remarkable economic expansion will inevitably foster the growth of the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) sector.

Marape highlighted the significance of five major resource projects - Papua LNG, P’nyang LNG, the new Porgera mine, the Wafi-Golpu mine and Pasca LNG - as catalysts for this imminent economic leap.

“The economy is now positioned to soar like never before,” he declared to an audience of small business owners, corporate executives, senior public servants, and politicians.

In another speech last week at the launch of the Boroko Precinct Transformation Project, Marape called upon Papua New Guineans to unite behind National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop in elevating Port Moresby to the status of ‘the best city in the Pacific’.

The prime minister urged respect for the traditional Mori-Koita landowners of Port Moresby and the people of Central Province.

To support the project, the national government has pledged K20 million to the NCDC.

The funds will be used to implement city-wide security camera installations, with the aim of enhancing safety and security for all residents.

Additionally, Marape urged the youth, particularly those wandering the streets of Boroko and Port Moresby, to seize opportunities for second-chance education, fostering personal development and creating avenues for small business growth.

Once regarded as a vibrant and thriving hub, Boroko has experienced a decline plagued by rising crime and an environment marred by littering and betel nut spitting.

Marape reminisced about the glory days of Boroko when he used to play rugby league at the Lloyd Robson Oval, now the National Football Stadium. His affinity for Boroko led him to refer to himself as a ‘Boroko Market Boy’.

The transformation project sets out to revive Boroko’s former splendour embracing a zero-tolerance policy toward crime, littering and the sale and spitting of betel nut.

Marape expressed his support for Parkop’s vision of establishing Port Moresby as the premier city in the Pacific by 2030.

“I endorse his vision, and I urge you all to endorse it too. Let us unite in our efforts and make it a reality,” asserted PM Marape.

“Boroko was once a thriving community, renowned as one of Port Moresby’s premier locations, but sadly, it has deteriorated over time,” Marape said, reflecting on Boroko’s descent from a prominent precinct to its current state.

He highlighted the contradiction of supporting the national rugby league team, the Kumuls, while tolerating a city marred by neglect and lack of consideration for others.

“Do not expect the prime minister to solely develop the country if you are not actively contributing in your own small way.

“It starts with respecting others and the communities in which we live,” he said.

“By respecting each other, our communities, neighbourhoods, streets and Boroko itself, we can contribute significantly to our nation.

“Let us strive to create a safer, better, and cleaner environment—an ‘Amazing Port Moresby’ that benefits us all.”


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