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Cellphone, notebook & a bottle of facial

Dr Hazel Kutkue
Dr Hazel Kutkue

| Sipikriva Girl

LAE - What are three objects you couldn't live without? I’m a doctor, and a blogger. I've moved towns three times, looking for greener pastures in work.

And each time I move, I have to decide what to bring with me, as moving heavy stuff in Papua New Guinea is quite costly. Very costly.

I try to prioritise what I would bring along for my move, but it doesn't always fall into my categories of most useful or not.

The last time that I moved, a month ago, I lost a bunch of my stuff in a box, as well as cooking appliances due to the non-availability of the officer who attended to Air Niugini's cargo at the airport. A very silly reason. I could not pay excess because it was too expensive, and I sent all my belongings back home.

However, I cannot part with my cellphone. I have to know where it is and sometimes I cannot go for an hour without checking it. Let's just say cellphones have now enabled us to carry a gazillion amount of information in our pockets.

Whether it's checking on the time, or whether it's going to rain tomorrow, or checking if what you've just seen on an ultrasound screen is actually a ‘cobblestone’ appearance, cellphones are very handy.

I cannot part with mine. I need it for almost everything including keeping in touch with family and checking to see if my daughter is doing well.

In no order of personal preference, I think a pen and a notebook are vital for me as a doctor. At any point in time, I need to scribble down a thought or something my colleague mentioned to look up.

With the digital age and people now preferring to use their phones to organize and plan their lives down to note take, a good old pen and paper are just as good or even better by gracing me with their physicality. Not to mention the great smell of a new notebook, which is actually a highlight of possessing it.

A good backpack is a must have. I like mine large with many, many pockets for everything I may need. I got one from my partner by false pretences. I was going to use it for just a week and now it has turned into months. I like that it is big and very roomy with lots of space to store my books, laptop, facial wipes and even a bottle of lotion.

I guess these three are quite handy and useful objects. What about you? What do you do and what three objects are your favourites? It is lovely how humans are ultimately different yet at the same time the same. My objective might overlap with somebody else and yet not, because we are ultimately we are the same and ultimately not!

Dr Kutkue has been Resident Medical Officer at the Angau Memorial General Hospital in Lae since 2018


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Daniel Kumbon

Cell phones definitely top on the list. It seemed I was in the deep dark for three days in Wewak after I'd forgotten mine at Jackson's Airport in Port Moresby. With it went all my important information.

Added to Dr Hazel's list is my bank card and NID card for identification.

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