Typepad snafu locks me out
Cellphone, notebook & a bottle of facial

Good morning, I'm back in the driver's seat....

Keith Jackson - bemused, bewildered but never beaten


NOOSA - After a week when I seemed to be the only person in the world who could not access PNG Attitude, between Typepad (the US company that's supplies this platform) and I a solution has been found. Our hope now is that it sticks.

When I first informed Typepad of the problem last week, this is how the technical team described what had happened:

When Typepad was down yesterday, we believe it was due, at least in part, to a cyber attack.

As part of resolving the issue, we set in place some blocks against sources of high traffic. It appears that your IP address for some reason was caught by the block.

We are working with our systems operations team to see if your IP address can be whitelisted or the rule adjusted so that you can access Typepad again.

We apologize for the problem, as it is not intentional but is due to an overly aggressive block against cyber attacks.

A good explanation (and I do like the term whitelisted), but I still couldn't access the blog itself nor the dashboard that allows me to compose, edit and perform other functions related to publishing PNG Attitude.

The matter was then escalated to Typepad's security rules team and yesterday I, like you, was able to call up the blog on demand.

Overnight I did some more fiddling and decided that it was probably the password that was giving me problems. So I started that process from scratch and - bingo! - this morning I regained full control of the blog.


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Kindin Ongugo

Good morning Keith.
The news of your return makes a good morning a great day to look forward to.

Stephanie Alois

Welcome back Keith. Best wishes!🙂

Daniel Kumbon

Gutpela long harem olsen you stap orait. Happy PNG Independence KJ.

Thanks Daniel. I hope things are improving for you and the family since you lost your home in the Enga troubles - KJ

Ross Wilkinson

I echo Chips' thoughts and trust that we kept our comments clean enough for your exacting standards.

The standards we walk by are the standards we accept, Ross. To which I could add, the standards we stagger and hobble by are getting harder to accept - KJ

Chips Mackellar

Good to have you back again Keith. We missed you. Best wishes.

Lindsay F Bond

Thrivers' seat, feat, meet ... and repeat.

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