I brave open sea to visit New Hanover
Psychopaths dooming us to catastrophe

Sisterly Love


Father departed when she wasn’t ready
But I’ve seen his soul in the way she carries herself
She does everything to get what she wants
And others call her greedy for that matter
But she is an ambitious one for sure
My sister is stubborn
But that’s because she cares too much

Her golden brown eyes light up the whole village
And it’s the same eyes that cry behind locked doors
She isn’t afraid to be herself
Society regards her as lawless
But she has a fiery spirit
My sister has a badass mouth
Yet a heart made of gold

Her cute dimples transform her smile into an angel’s
But I’ve known what the struggles her smile conceals
She isn’t afraid to voice her opinion
Everyone thinks she’s arrogant
But I think she has a unique perspective
My sister is sweet
But she is not one to mess with

Mother could not handle the way she does what she pleases
But she is a free spirit and cannot be controlled
She is too selfless for her own good
And that makes her does things she later regrets
Though she is labelled a show-off
My sister is someone who makes everyone feel at home
And that’s how I know I’ll always lean on her.


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