A statement for our people & our country
Reject Japan’s lobbying over nuclear waste



A loud bang shakes the walls around her
A deafening shot from the loudest gun
She hears the sound of her own footsteps
As she struggles crying towards the door
Then a mighty blow across her pretty face
A scream, a trip and her flowing blood

A harsh voice booms across the room
A terrible voice of threat and hate
Cursing this defenceless woman
She sees only the clenched fist’s shadow
A vicious attack determined to harm
Ignoring her plea to end the torment

Alcohol has corrupted him again this night
His bloodshot eyes swollen with anger
His harsh voice sprays a flood of venom
His brutal hands raise to bash her more
His huge body glistens beneath the sweat
Once again the monster of the night

Alone, awaiting the nightmare’s end,
It’s only in remembering her children
That allow her to endure the pain
He once was mesmerised by her beauty,
Now his face is contorted by hate
A once joyous home is left in ruins

Can she possibly withstand the sorrow
A heart shattered into a million pieces?
Will he give her love, if only to borrow,
To repay all that she has done for him?
Her emotions rest in uneasy suspense
Her heart appeals, will it be all right tomorrow?


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Lindsay F Bond

Commendable, courageous, intelligence, amid infliction.

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