PNGAA’s call for help must be answered
The January riots in Papua New Guinea

Tragedy: Responsible people go missing

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Family ponders an unclear future (Generated with AI by Bing  22 January 2024)
Family Ponders an Unclear Future (Generated with AI by Bing,  22 January 2024)

PORT MORESBY - The only shop in Gerehu to have survived the 10 January looting and burning was burned down yesterday (Sunday). The suspects were apprehended: four children and one adult.

If you've been concerned about unemployment and its impact on Papua New Guinea, or the rise in criminal activities, lawlessness and inflation, you now have something more serious to worry about.

Those kids, at a very young age, are the primary suspects for a million kina loss to a business property.

Why does a country that professes to be 97% Christian burn and loot?

How, in this case, are its children not followers but the primary actors in the crime of arson?

Where are the kids' parents? Where are their older siblings? Where are the communities they belong to? Who are their wantoks?

The answer is simple.

The Christians they are supposed to look up to, the parents who are supposed to raise them correctly, the siblings who are supposed to be role models, the community which is supposed to set rules of the game were all involved in the 10 January 2024 looting.

Whether they were there or not.

As much as we'd like to blame the government, PNG society is essentially decaying.

It’s in a downward spiral that threatens to destroy the last of the values we hold.

This 10,000 years of civilisation (some archaeologists say 40,000 years) is headed for a very dark future if nothing is done.


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Lindsay F Bond

Implosion of social fabric and of societal substance is in need of leadership more localised and effective no matter what labels have been applied as if to unite as a nation.
Sorry to say.

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