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Village in Aoke-Langalanga electorate  Malaita
Village in Aoke-Langalanga electorate, Malaita

MALAITA, SOLOMONS – An official in the office of the Deputy Provincial Secretary of Malaita Province has expressed great concern to me that an announced candidate for the 2024 Solomons election, Mathew Wala MP, is trying to force other highly ranked candidates not to stand for election.

Wala has announced he will contest the seat of Aoke-Langalanga and last month he invited other prospective candidates David Filia, Vincent Anisi and David Faradalolo to a meeting.

Both Anisi and Faradalolo were strong performers in the Aoke-Langalanga seat at the last election.

Wale said he was told by officers of the Auki Langalanga polling station that the three men intend to run for the seat this year but he wants them to stand down from the contest.

It is alleged that Wale promised to compensate the men by offering them SBD4 million as well as appointing them as government secretaries or senior consultants if he won the seat and could form a new government.

Wale is stating that his popularity in the constituency is such that they cannot win in their own right, so he is asking them to seriously consider his proposal.

It seems that David Filia has already rebuffed Wale, but the other two candidate are believed to have said they are considering the offer.

In another development, a polling station officer has told me that election officials from each polling station were invited to meet Wale at his home last November 2023.

The officer alleges that Wale asked them to help with his election by rigging ballot papers and lobbying voters. Wale said he would offer SBD5,000 for each voter before polling day and if he wins a further SBD10,000 for each voter.

Wale is allegedly attempting to buy votes, bribe electoral officers and bribe other candidates, behaviour which is true represents serious electoral fraud undermining the fairness of an election and undermining the cornerstone of our national democracy.

I hope the exposure of this behaviour may prevent corrupt legislators from continuing to participate in our politics.

* The author’s name is known to me


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