Bird quits govt to ‘preserve my dignity’
Keith out of hospital today

Liklik tok save

I'm in hospital in Brisbane for further surgery on my spine - operation number eight, which I am told is a lucky number.  PNG Attitude has been ailing for some time now but manages a presence. I'm aware of the blog's continuing importance both for the great reservoir of information it has stored over 18 years and also for its useful function as a place where people can regain contacts long lost.  You needn't expect more much from me in this space until near the end of the month. Bai mi lukim yu - KJ


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Baka Bina

Apo, naispla ya, tolle, mi ko long bikpus pai-panim kapul lra-laun na mi no kisi toktave olosem jyu ko long hautik. Mi tolle tolle olotem olo tota pai katim yu. Nokut ol poposa na katim narla narla hap kutpla sikun tu. Pai kutpla mahn ya antap ya, was long yu taim jyu kisim pek sikin.
Tokim meri kansol long kukim kutpla stronpla kaukau long holim pel plo jyu.


AG Satori

Henry Sims

Bad backs.
Mine is bigger than yours.
Must have been something in the SP greenies, way back then.
Would sadly miss the blog should it fold for any reason, as it is my daily fix on Papua besena.

Baka Bina

bai Bikpla i stap wantaim yu na givim yu bel isi taim ol dokta mekim luksave long yu.
silip na kisim bek skin ken kamap gutpla tu. Yu ken kisim bel isi long taim nogut nau.

tingting blo mi na femili stap pas long yu.

Stephen Charteris

Hi Keith, looking forward to your next article once this is behind you. In the words of an oft loved and where my ancestors came from equally detested British politician - Keep Buggering On. All the best mate.

Ross Johnson

Hi Keith,
Battling a few health issues myself at the moment, so I feel for you - best of luck and look forward to you coming back on-line later this month or early next. Bai yu istap gud.

Garrett Roche

Dear Keith,
Sorry to hear about your ongoing illness. I admire your courage and tenacity in battling with the problems.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and family.

William Dunlop

Numero 8 Win-win with a fast recovery.
I just had a nasty Carbunkel out the last week in December, very resistant to antibiotics; the final dressing is next Monday, with 100% success.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Keith, wish you success in the surgery and quick recovery. God be with you!

Chips Mackellar

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Keith.

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