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Keith out of hospital today

BRISBANE - On this day of tragedy for PNG, Keith was discharged from Wesley Hospital this afternoon.  Keith asked readers to be told that his eighth spinal surgery has been a complete success but that he is distressed by the extent of the killings in Enga.  “This one can be laid at the feet of the politicians, “ he said. 


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Dr John Christie

Keith is right when he says " “This one can be laid at the feet of the politicians “.
More Police/Army on scene in Enga, merely address the symptom of the disease. While it needs to happen in the short term, long term it will do nothing for the economic and social issues of Enga (or PNG). There is also an assumption that the Police/Army are capable of acting in a sensible, controlled manner and not end up as in Bougainville with the people joining forces and a civil war erupting.
The corruption and nepotism at the top must be addressed but as long as greed is rewarded it will not happen.
With such corruption rampant I am glad there are no Australian boots on the ground (armed or unarmed). To do so would merely support the ongoing governmental disaster.
Best of wishes with your going recovery Keith!

Robert L Parer CMG MBE

Oh WOW Keith wonderful news that after your 8th Spinal Operation it is a complete success.Fantastic Mate and I suppose a few months in Rehab you are going to be more dangerous than ever,Kindest regards from Meg & Self.

William Dunlop

Ach well' nou Keith, Congratulations.
The Magical 8th one, finally, has been a win-win for you.

Garrett Roche

Keith, glad to hear good news about your health. Admiring your courage and tenacity. Wishing you all the best.

Stephen Charteris

Keith, your cheerful announcement is good news indeed.

Not so the news from Enga with ramifications everywhere.

In truth, government has lost touch with people at community level. It no longer represents their interests or attempts to meet their wishes for better health and education services and economic opportunity.

The public service has become irrelevant in the lives of most rural people and they no longer respect it.

Some commentators reported that Sunday’s violence has its roots in poverty. This resonates with the cause of discontent everywhere, particularly with youth. To pass this event off as domestic terrorism is to turn away from the root cause simmering away below the surface everywhere.

A countries greatest wealth is its people, that must be invested in – a fact that seems to have eluded the ruling classes for nigh on forty years. Unless another Mekere can arise to take the helm the future for a united PNG looks bleak.

Ross Wilkinson

Great to have you back with us. My doctor is loath to recommend back surgery for me as he claims it is the solution of last resort and carries high risk. For keith to have had eight such operations shows what he is going through and his fortitude.

As regards Enga, it is amazing that the pollies and other leaders are blaming the police. This is a social issue that manifests itself in criminal acts. Therefore, it is up to the leaders to engage with the people to find a solution and prevent further such tragedies.

Henry Sims

this news of the Enga killings has not filtered down south to Western Australia yet.
PNG Attitude is the only blog I know for keeping in touch with events in PNG.
Can you recommend, as an alternative, a 24/7 more active site, please?
Stinks like Putin politics and those of elsewhere in this self-destructing world.

Kela Kapkora

Good to hear of the successful surgery. Keith. Wish you quick recovery.

Most of the upper highlands' politicians collude and use these thugs to intimidate good people and sieve them out of a free and fair election. The aftermath is such and soon nobody will be held accountable for the atrocity and no justice served.

Mekere, Namaliu and Julius were some good Prime Ministers from the coastal regions but in the last decade, strangely, the coastal MPs fold their manhood and carried the Upper Highlands MPs as ultimate leaders, and we are going nowhere.

We need a complete leadership change through legislation and a bi-cameral or Presidential system might sieve out weakness in overall governance such as vote rigging, vote of no confidence and exchange of cash, appointing club boys as nominated bureaucrats, bulldozing legislations that are not in the best interest of the public, appointing taxi drivers as ministers, etc.

I'll stop here!

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