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Gregory Bateson,1938
 Anthropologist husband-and-wife team Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson working in their home near the Sepik River where they studied the Iatmul people (Gregory Bateson, 1938)

NOOSA - I’m pleased to be a member of the Oceanic Art Society, a small and energetic organisation that provides continuing focus on and support for the visual arts in the Pacific Islands region, including an excellent lecture series.

The first OAS lecture for 2024 is being held in Sydney next month and features emerging scholar Enzo Hamel, a PhD student at the Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich (UK).

Enzo is a graduate in art history from the Ecole du Louvre, Paris, and social anthropology at the Université of Paris,-Nanterre.

His research focuses mainly on visual archives and the intertwined colonial history of anthropology and photography.

In this lecture, he will discuss his current project on the visual archives deriving from the fieldwork of anthropologist Gregory Bateson in Papua New Guinea’s East Sepik Province between 1929 and 1938.

It’s titled, ‘Recovering Indigenous agencies in ethnographic visual archives: Gregory Bateson’s photographs in the Iatmul region’

Bateson was married to the renowned Pacific anthropologist Margaret Mead but his PNG photographic archives have been largely ignored.

Enzo says the photographs have the potential both to shed new light on colonial photographic art and the relationships it uncovers.

He interrogates “the photographic act in which photographed subjects are seen but silenced, thereby recovering the historical and relational contexts of these photographic encounters.

“Through these photographic archives, it is possible to have a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the everyday life in the field and the relationships at stake.”

You can book to attend the lecture which will be held from 6 pm next Wednesday 3 April at Cooee Art Leven Gallery, 17 Thurlow Street Redfern.

Check the website for more information.


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