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My poetry: Some notes for the record



Old Malificent
She is magnificent
But was never content

I'll have me own company
when I am a business woman
Wealth shall I have many
No more will I worry
Being the one who's wealthy
Money shall be my weapon

I'll build me ten storehouses
Eat the most expensive foods
When I shall be rich
No longer will I starve
Being the one who thrives
I will never look back

I'll buy me a land
As vast as our town
Plant everything I can
After harvest I'll sit down
No longer will I suffer
From lack of food or water

I'll have me a palace
When I shall be queen
And I'll find me solace
No more will I run
Being in the highest place
I will fear no one

Oh but what a shame!
Wishing thinking is lame
Said old Malificent
Who is content
With cultivating gratefulness
And not selfishness.


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