Australia & China both mistaken in PNG
Grief is Courage

Beware! Rob’s on the writing trail again


Mutiny on the 37th day.  “We want to go home now.”   “Really.”
Mutiny on the 37th day. “We want to go home now.” “Really?” Painting by Rob Barclay framed in New Guinea Rosewood (in the collection of Keith Jackson)

Rob Barclay writes letters that are as cheeky and entertaining as his books. And as energised and colourful as his paintings. Rob's just let me know that the publishing date of his next book, working title Cannibals, “has been shunted to next year as I’m busy renovating our house including a two-metre square painting for a new conservatory.” The painting here, "Mutiny on the 37th Day. 'I want to go home now.' 'Really'" depicts a young Rob confronting unhappy carriers as they realise the patrol is just settling into its work and home will be far away for some time. I hope you’ll enjoy Rob’s words which I share below and perhaps find yourself able to respond to some of his requests for help (which I’ve highlighted in bold) – KJ

I hope to have House and Garden magazine do a spread on the renovated house and the improvements, both inside and outside the property, in time for Malvina and my 25th wedding anniversary next June. If the magazine spread happens, I’ll include it in the book.

I’ve also decided to do a big marketing number aimed at the average over-60s Aussie reader. I’m aware that sales of PNG books to the general public are slow - almost non-existent. The book will be a personal indulgence, so I’m not too bothered if it bombs out.  

The book still needs some fleshing out. There will be background detail - a few lines about kiaps like Phil Fitzpatrick, Laurie Meintjes, Col Middleton, John McGregor and the other officers mentioned in the book.

I’ll also be including John Pasquerelli (I went to school with him) who resigned as a kiap in Angoram when headquarters didn’t see eye to eye with him over his fondness for the local girls, and his penchant while on patrol for having himself carted around in a sedan chair.  

I’ll also be writing about the pre-war bail-up of the Speedie Goilala patrol, Jack Hides’ mass confrontations; the Zarka and Harris massacre, the Yellow River massacres, the Tony Pitt confrontations with the Mianmin people and the Hoad Biami penetration patrol faced by hundreds of hostile tribesmen. These incidents will make for an exciting book.

Do you have any knowledge of these pivotal events
or know where information can be accessed?

Do you have photos of your own from PNG's colonial days?

If so, you can get in touch with Rob here:
[email protected]

Now back to Rob....

I’ll be producing a dozen or so new paintings for the book, with detailed captions about each.

The final chapter will give Canberra a good caning over its blundering arrogance when dealing with PNG and other Pacific Islands countries – not least its short-sighted dumping of the Colombo Plan.

And what was Alexander Downer thinking on that occasion when prime minister Michael Somare was forced to take off his shoes as he paraded through airport security? Would he have forced then New Zealand PM John Keys to do the same? This insensitive act caused years of hostility and suspicion between Waigani and Canberra.

I’ll also be discussing the fragmentation and decline of our traditional Western society and its virtual takeover by neo-Marxists of the ‘woke brigade’ and their fellow travellers.  These include the second-rate hard-left visionless bureaucrats and politicians with their evermore stultifying green and red regulations, all working in their own ways to bring about the demise of our civilisation - the most productive in human history.

I’ll assure that iIdeological climate change, carbon emissions, transgenderism and the brainwashing of our school children all rate a mention.

And, if I may quote myself, for these people “no inconvenient reality is ever allowed to sully the ideological purity of their pronouncements.”


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