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Archie Thompson

I worked in Bougainvile from 1972 to 1974, befriended Mike Bell, sailed a lot with him and Mr Dunlop at the Kieta Yacht Club.

In fact they taught me how to sail, something I appreciate to this day.

If anyone knows of Mike Bell's whereabouts, it would be appreciated if you could let me know, if possible on this forum.

Gus Goetz Schweinfurth OBE

Hi BIll - I was appointed restoration coordinator on Bougainville under the Paius Wingti - Julius Chan cabinet. I was living at Sohano. Sam Tulo was the administrator at the time.

I went all over the island working on water supplies, schools and general restoration projects and working very closely with the people and the army. Jerry Singirok was the defence force commander and a close friend. I would go to the outstations and have meetings.

Spent three years there again and with Tony Reagan [Anthony Regan? - Ed] stayed at Arawa and worked on the peace agreement. Only Tony and I stayed on as everyone else took off.

I stayed and worked with the UN peacekeepers doing a lot of liaison, kiap way of course.

Was heavily involved in the coup as it was getting crazy and the PNGDF had had enough. Even direct talks with the PM at the time did not register so that's another story.

Have all this time been working on projects in Bougainville and am currently working with the new President Ishmael Toroama. Am getting tourism into Bougainville also with European agencies especially the German connections.

I spent 10 years as the provincial secretary of Morobe Province. We had a very efficient administration with a team of good kiaps.

Take care. Great stuff.

Rae Smart

These chronicles tell a story from a specific perspective which I believe to be accurate. I was there in Kieta from April Fools Day 1967 and was witness to many events outside the government offices.

Thank you Bill, for recording this time. I only hope that my own story will be interesting enough to count as worth the time to read. Dare I say there may be a few humorous incidents you may have chosen to forget!

Anyone in Bougainville at that time will not have forgotten who Bill Brown was, nor should they. I have wonderful memories sharing time with Pam and the children during that era.

Bill Brown

Hi Anthony - I knew both your parents but I did not attend a course in Sydney with your father in 1967.

I was transferred from the Sepik to Bougainville in June 1966 and, apart from periods of leave, remained there until June 1973.

Your father was ADO (Assistant District Officer) Lumi during 1961-1962. I was at Wewak and Maprik during that time. We were together at meetings, conferences etc and met socially at weddings etc.

Anthony McCabe

Hi Bill - I am enquiring if you did a six month refresher course in Sydney in the latter half of 1967 along with my father, Brian McCabe?

James Edmund Henning

This is a most interesting site.

I came across it while trying to find & locate my boyhood friend, Lawrence Ashley Meintjies. Last trace of him is that he was an Assistant District Officer in New Ireland during 1971. He seems to have been known as Laurie.

Does anyone know his present whereabouts or where I might look next.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have advised James of Laurie's email - KJ

Bill Barclay

Wonderful to hear from the redoubtable Kurt Pfund - a brilliant colourful painting of his still hangs on our wall, and I recall the wonderful hospitality he provided up the Rouna Road.

His exhibitions were renowned, and and I suspect that likewise his love life was decidedly more colourful than mine.

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