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Judy Ireland

Hi Keith, I was just looking at information on Dylup Plantations when I found this article.

I was very interested as my husband worked on Dylup in 1971 for three years. He eventually became the Livestock Manager, and we were sad when we had to leave, because we loved our time at Dylup.

Our eldest daughter was nearly 5 so we had to come south for the kids to go to school.

I also know you name from Montevideo Maru society as I was very interested in that group, my uncle Keith Morden ‘Jim’ Smith was one of the members of ‘Lark Force’ who went down when the ship was torpedoed. Although I had never known my Uncle as he died a couple of years before I was born.

Sadly my mother died before the monument was dedicated in 2012, but she was alive at the time that mention was made in Parliament. I feel that she felt that something was being done to bring attention to the loss of her adored brother, and all his mates, so that she could ‘rest in peace’.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Muruk was a twist tobacco (trade tobacco) produced like a normal cigarette in a flip top box.

Bloody awful and eventually a flop. People preferred rolling in in newspaper.

Robert Johnston

Hi Mr Jackson! My sister and I were among the 10-15 students in your one room, all ages school in Kundiawa during 1963-67.

It was - by far - the best educational experience of my life.

I have a photo of you and the entire school and would love to send it to you. And, of course, reminisce a little about the old days! We are Robert Johnston MD and Sindi Johnston.

With much love and appreciation!

PS: Until their dying days, our Mum and Dad - Jack and Una Johnston - would sing the chorus of your song at the Christmas Show: "Marook Marook Marook, we always smoke Marook / Marook Marook Marook... the tobacco that makes you crook!" (Can't remember how to spell Marook.)

Great to hear from you Robert. I remember those days (and you guys) as clearly as yesterday. I'm sad to learn Jack and Una are no longer with us. They were wonderful people and so very supportive of the young teacher (I was 19) foisted upon the community to run the A School. I'd love to see the photo (PO Box 1688, Noosa Heads QLD 4567) and, given the memories you've triggered, will soon write more about that little school - KJ

Philip Fitzpatrick

Francis extensively revised 'Fitman, Raitman and Cooks: Paradise in Peril' a couple of years ago and we published a 2nd edition under the shorter, original title 'Paradise in Peril'.

This newer 2nd edition is available on Amazon by following this link:

Robert Butcher

Hi Keith - I'm interested in buying a copy of 'Fitman, Raitman & Cooks: Paradise in Peril' but its out of stock on Amazon.

Any suggestions where I can get a copy?

Hi Robert - I'm sure Phil Fitzpatrick can provide more information on this - KJ

Timo Berger

Dear Keith, I am a German journalist and I am looking for a contact of Michael Dom. How can I send him something - we want to invite him for a contribution to our magazine.

I have provided Timo with Michael's contact email - KJ


Hello Keith

I thought to write you having just read a note on your page where you give your experience of Uriel Porter, a bass singing Seventh-day Adventist who was given accommodation in the 1960s by your father. I knew Mr Porter from my childhood days until he died when I was a teenager as we attended the same church. I have a photograph of Mr Porter and others listening to a pianist singing after one of our services at The New Gallery Centre, Regent Street, London in the 1960s and wondered if you would like to see it?

It would be good to hear from you, take care until then and all the best.


Brendan Watkins

Hi Keith,
I've recently read Philip Fitzpatrick's excellent 'Dingo Trapper' book. I'm doing extensive family research and thought Philip may be able to assist with some queries I have about remote South Australia. Could you please forward his email address or alternatively send him mine:
Brendan Watkins M: 0417385929
Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Brown | Ex-Handcrafts Marketing Officer

As a Technical Officer in the Department of Commerce in the early 1970s I’m interested to know about others who were involved in business development in those days.

There was an extensive network of Business Development Officers, many of whom I met and I would like to know how their work has progressed.

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