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Keith Jackson

I have been in the hausik for a short time this week and while my sickness has not gone it has withdrawn from the heights. I offer this by way of explanation to readers and especially contributors, who may have wondered what the hell the man was doing, possibly putting it down to Christmas excess rather than the privation (excess having no other suitable antonym) that it was - KJ

Natalie Konopinski | Editor, Anthropology News

Dear Keith - How does one contact you? Could you send me your email address?

I'd like to ask you a question about your engaging and personal tribute to Ruth Fink Latukefu.

I have contacted Natalie in relation to her question - KJ

Garry Woods

G'day Keith, It's amazing what you find, wandering around the web! Somebody should give Keith a train to show our appreciation.

When I left PNG to work with the Armidale community to establish 2ARM-FM in 1976, Garry was the station's only other paid employee (part-time) and the best broadcast engineer I ever worked with. Reputed to be the longest ungraduated student at the University of New England who avoided exclusion by the skin of his teeth, he went onto to get a string of degrees. Not sure about the train, though. Garry he may be mistaking me with Keith Jones of the Dorrigo Steam Railway Museum, which has dozens of locos bu is still not open to the public after 40 years - KJ

James Damman

I am writing a novel set in Papua in the 1930s and 1940s. It describes an Australian man's adventures with miners, missionaries, planted, government officials and, most importantly, Papuans.

I want to be sure it is accurate in the depiction of Papuans and Papuan culture and, more importantly, that I don't inadvertently offend Papuan readers.

For that purpose I am looking for a Papuan - preferably a writer or academic - to read my draft and provide feedback. Please contact me if you are interested.

James can be reached through this blog - KJ

Jane Rybarz

My mother has written a book, The Last District Commissioner, the Memoirs of David Milbourne Marsh OBE - 1940-1975, and I am assisting her complete it ready for publishing.

Mum (Bev Rybarz) worked for David in Port Moresby in the 1950's.

In the book we would like to quote passages from some of the contributors to your blog. We would be happy to attribute the author and your site at the appropriate place in the book and in the credits. Is there anything else we need to do to obtain permission from the author and/or publisher?

The book is a great read and we are looking forward to its release and sharing it with the world.

I will send you a copy when it is published. Probably still a few months away.

I advised Jane that the usual attributions will be fine - KJ

David Hancock

I am assisting an elderly couple who wish to erect a small memorial or plaque in Townsville ANZAC Park to commemorate their uncle who was serving in Rabaul during World War II.

He was taken as a prisoner of war and died on the Montevideo Maru.

I have crossed reference some lists to locate Townsville soldiers (1), however, I am having problems locating civilian internees. I have been unable to obtain an alphabetical listing of civilians who also died onboard the Montevideo Maru.

I really require a list or lists that will give me the towns where they came from, were born or next of kin resided and were made aware of their deaths after the war.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have provided David with a significant amount of information and wish him well in his research - KJ

Julie Lee

Hi Keith, I am doing some research into our family's time in Rabaul from WW2 to the1970s and came across your very informative webpage.

I note you lived in Rabaul in the 70s and wondered if you (or your readers) may recall names of Australian solicitors practicing there at the time as the details are of relevance.

We would be grateful for your help and thank you in advance.

Hi Julie - Lawyer Kerry Dillon was in Rabaul around that time. I reviewed his book about his PNG career late last year: I am not aware of the solicitors in private practice and will ask readers if they can help with this - KJ

Kate Groenewegen-Prowse

Thank you Keith for your kind words regarding my Uncle John, and Ian for your addition of Auntie Barbara’s death notice.

I wasn’t sure if this forum was OK to put up the information, so I’m glad you did. In recent times Auntie Barbara was reliving their time in PNG and regaled me with stories of Goroka, right up until her last days.

To that end, we are wondering if anyone can help with information regarding the ASOPA site at Middle Head.

We were hoping to scatter both J & B’s ashes there as it was such a significant part of their journey, is there access to the old training site and would this be permissible?

Also, would there be any interest in memorabilia that we have of that period?

I have put Kate in touch with Max Uechtritz, president of PNG Association of Australia, a fine man always faithful to the PNG heritage - KJ

Ian Robertson

I am sorry to have to add a follow-up to Kate's post about John and Barbara Groenewegen. Barbara recently passed away in Sydney. Attached is the SMH notice.

Groenewegen, Barbara (nee Joyce)

10/08/1936 - 04/05/2021

Beloved only daughter of the late Nobby (Cyril) and Myra Joyce. Adored wife of John Matthjis Theodor Groenewegen, late of East Ryde. Sister-in-law to Hans, Peter (dec), Michiel and Guido and their families.

At Barbara's request no funeral service will be held.

Kate Groenewegen-Prowse

Hi Keith, I am a niece of John and Barbara Groenewegen and I am guessing you knew them from ASOPA.

I was hoping to get in touch with you if you did know them.

Hi Kate - John and Barbara were some years ahead of me at ASOPA and I knew John only from a few fleeting associations in PNG. He was known to his mates as 'Groggo' and, as the name suggests, was an affable man. He was also a capable, committed and respected teacher. Unfortunately I did not know him well. There was a good obituary published in Una Voce in 2016 some time after his death and I link to it here (page 57) in case you have not seen it. Best wishes to you and your family. You are the niece of a fine man - KJ

Julia Boxheimer

I am writing to you because I came across your blog whilst doing some research for the updated edition of a book first published in Germany about small islands around the world.

I need to find out the most recent known population of Takuu island which has been quite difficult to know exactly. For 2019, I found anything ranging from 50 to 400.

As I read the article you published in 2012, I thought maybe you would know something (or someone) that could help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and for the great work you do with PNG Attitude.

If you can assist Julie, contact her here: - KJ

David Willis

I am writing a book of my experiences some of which were in Papua New Guinea in 1966 to 1968 and from 1971 to 1973.

In the book I would like to quote passages from some of the contributors to your blog. Of course I will attribute the author and your site either at the appropriate place in the book or in the credits or notes.

Let me know what you prefer and is there anything else I need to do such as to get permission from the author or publisher.

That's all we ask, David. All the best with your project - KJ

Gus Lee

Paul from Simbai is trying to contact Janet, daughter of Jim ‘Deadly Dudly' McKinnon. She is working as a lawyer in Brazil.

Jim was originally from Queensland and his wife was from Gulf Province. In 1954 he started a gold mine at Kumbruf village, Simbai in Madang Province. In a diverse career he also operated a sawmill in Angoram and was elected to the House of Assembly.

If you have any information that might lead to a contact with Janet, get in touch with Gus Lee here -

Geoffrey Dabb

I’m doing some research on the background to the Ellis Rowan bird of paradise collection in the National Library.

An issue that has come up concerns her claim that in 1917 she travelled ‘near’ or ‘under’ the Bismarck Range.

This is relevant to which birds of paradise she might have come across. Ellis was based at a Lutheran mission on ‘Nobonob’ hill, inland from the coast road. - about 9km NW of Madang. To get to the Bismarcks she would have needed to cross the Ramu.

Now from memory, from the vicinity of Madang on a clear day, you can see a looming range to the south, but I’m not too sure which peaks you’d be looking at.

Is it possible Ellis could have seen the Bismarcks, or the highest peaks of the central range, from Nobonob (about 390 meters above sea level)?

I wonder if Chips Mackellar might know? Or maybe some other Madang expert. Perhaps someone in Madang now could settle the issue.

I’d be grateful for any help on this.

Helen Gardner

Dear Keith, thanks for the great work. My colleague Jon Ritchie and I teach a unit at Deakin University called 'Australia's Empire: Colonisation and Decolonisation in Papua New Guinea'.

We encourage our students to engage with contemporary PNG issues while learning about the history from 1884-1975.

You certainly maintain a lively site with some excellent content. We want the students to learn that PNG does have a presence in Australia, often through those who worked as kiaps or had businesses there.

Are you happy for us to link PNG Attitude to our teaching site?

Hi Helen - Congratulations on developing and presenting your PNG unit. We need more of this in Australia. We're happy for you to link your website to PNG Attitude - KJ

Lee Frank

I'm a writer and musician living in Darwin. I've written a short story set in Moresby in 1990, when I travelled and performed throughout PNG.

The country and its people had a profound effect on me and my art.

To try and capture the true feel of Pidgin in the dialogue in my story, I'm hoping to find a national who can read my work and appraise it.

Do you know any writer - short story writer, novelist or journalist - who would be happy to help out? The dialogue would only amount to one page.

I've been published in Australia and abroad and have won a number of awards. Whilst in Moresby, I collaborated with the National Theatre Company's William Takaku and lived at the university for six weeks before travelling with a one man mime show for two months Moresby-Alotau-Ferguson Island- Lae- Rabaul- Wewak- Vanimo.

Thanks and great work on your site.

If anyone can help out Lee, his email is - KJ

Peter O’Brien

Thanks for your email re Father Dom. I would be very pleased to discuss with Neal Price my meeting with Dom during our (my wife and I) year long stay on Seleo Island as missionaries.

Dom was an amazingly eccentric priest. Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

Neal Price

I'm working on material on a Tasmanian painter, Dorothy Stoner, who’s brother was a Lutheran priest in Malol and Sissano in the 1940s. His name was Fr Aslaom, affectionally known as Dom. He had a religious conversion at the age of 27 and joined the priesthood.

I found your blog and noticed a post from Peter O'Brien from February 2020. Peter had met Dom and I would like to contact him to discuss this meeting further.

While Dom only plays a small part in my research, his is a fascinating character and his religious conversion is of interest to me.. I knew his sisters in Tasmania and only ever heard of his adventures via his sisters. I have several pieces of material from the Catholic archives in Sydney so new information would be helpful.

It would be excellent to talk to someone who knew him personally. All the best. Your blog is very good.

Thanks Neal. I've contacted Peter to let him know of your request - KJ

Adrian Clack

I would like to get in contact with the editor in relation to the following article on your website:

I am researching Doctor Geoffrey Vernon and wish to find out your sources if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Adrian. Unfortunately the author of this article, Philip Selth, died earlier this year. If any reader may be able to assist, Adrian can be emailed at - KJ

Bill Deer

I recently found about your efforts to have service in TPNG recognised and realised that you were much further along that path than I am currently on.

It is almost like re-inventing the wheel. I would welcome a chance to discuss a way forward with you.

I was a stock inspector with DASF in the Goilala in the period 1968-70 and in the Goroka-Chimbu-Kainantu area after that.

I hope you can help me achieve this common goal for not only our ageing colleagues but also for their families who want some recognition for their parents and grandparents who did so much to help build PNG.

Hi Bill - I fear that news of my involvement is greatly exaggerated. I did assist some kiaps a little in the early stage of a successful project which resulted in the award of the Police Overseas Service Medal - a partial recognition of their services. I understand there may have been some separate moves for a more general TPNG award but have no knowledge of this. I recommend you visit the Ex-Kiap website to get in touch with those who organised the POSM award. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to assist - KJ

Eira Szadurski

I'm currently helping to organise a large worldwide online choral project by the artist Esmeralda Conde Ruiz which is set to feature over 288 choirs from all across the world.

I came across PNG Attitude whilst researching for choirs and choir leaders in Papua New Guinea and I wondered if through your network you had any direct links to people who I might be able to speak with specifically about PNG choral groups?

Your blog is really interesting and its sentiment of creating stronger friendships between Australia and PNG is very much in tune with your project intentions.

Respond to Eira at the email address below if you are able to assist with this fascinating project - KJ

Harry Topham

Andrew - Peter is available on Facebook.

Jenny Kirkpatrick

Hello Mr Jackson, I came upon your site/blog yesterday while I was hunting for a book you reviewed in 2013 - 'Singsings, Sutures And Sorcery: A 50-year Experience In Papua New Guinea' by Anthony J Radford (Fairfield Press).

My husband and I worked in Mount Hagen Hospital as Canadian volunteers (CUSO) in the mid-1980's, and we would love to get our hands on this book. Amazon UK used to have it, but no longer.

Do you by any chance have an email address for Dr Radford or any other info about the book's availability?

I am thrilled to find your site; it will provide lots of interesting news for us to follow. Many thanks.

The book is out of print, Jenny, but Prof Radford may be contacted at - KJ

Andrew Lattas

I am trying to get information on Peter and Harry Humphreys. I believe Peter was governor of West New Britain for a while. I wonder if any of your readers may have an email or other contact for Peter Humphreys.

Alex Rosser

Seeking Tom Rosser.
Tom is my cousin but we haven't had contact for some years. The last time we spoke he was working out of Cairns.
Contact details to me please. Alex Rosser, email, 02 9489 4300.

Nicholas Brown

Thank you very much for your wonderful website and your continuing efforts in maintaining the relationship between PNG and Australia.

I spent nearly 7 years in PNG over self-government and independence initially as a volunteer and subsequently with the Administration. As such, I am also keen to ensure the relationship develops. In relation to this, I wondered if you could please mention my recently published memoir on your website?

My memoir ‘Better Than Rich and Famous – My Papua New Guinea Days’ deals with my experiences during the first two years, firstly in Bougainville then Port Moresby. I believe it would be of some interest to Papua New Guineans and expats alike (a second book relating my time over the later years is due in 2021).

It is published in Britain by Mereo Books:

and available through Dymocks in Australia:

and on Amazon internationally and Australia, here:

It is also available from other sources such as Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Booktopia and Fishpond

Please let me know if you would accept a mention and if so, how I go about arranging it.

Nicholas Brown

Dear Mr. Jackson

Thank you very much for your wonderful website and your continuing efforts in maintaining the relationship between PNG and Australia.

I spent nearly 7 years in PNG over self-government and independence, initially as a volunteer and subsequently with the Administration. As such, I am also keen to ensure the relationship develops. In relation to this, I wondered if you could please mention my recently published memoir on your website?

My memoir ‘Better Than Rich and Famous – My Papua New Guineas Days’ deals with my experiences during the first two years, firstly in Bougainville then Port Moresby. I believe, would it be of some interest to Papua New Guineans and expats alike (a second book relating my time over the later years is due in 2021).

It is published in Britain by Mereo Books:

and available through Dymocks in Australia:

and on Amazon internationally and Australia, here:

It is also available from other sources such as Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Booktopia and Fishpond

Please let me know if you would accept a mention and if so, how I go about arranging it.

Kind regards

Nicholas Brown
Victoria, Australia.

Abel Rudolf

Thank you very much PNG Attitude for all the information that you have given.

Stephanie Alois

Thank you so much for this information now I completely understand what PNG Attitude blog is all about.

Carda Traunero

I am a researcher at the Women’s Museum of Australia (formerly the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame) in Alice Springs.

We hold a comprehensive HerStory Archive which is a collection of stories, photographs and ephemera, sound recordings, and videos celebrating and archiving the achievements of over 1500 Australian women who are first in their field or pioneers in the traditional sense.

The archive began in 1993 and is now accessible online, informs our permanent exhibitions onsite, and is useful for future researchers and curious public.

HerStory information comes to us through many avenues: staff and volunteer researchers, visitors, authors, scholars, and friends and families of pioneer women.

We are currently upgrading the HerStory Archive, digitising the contents of our files, updating basic information, attaching photos, and providing additional information on each of the women.

One of the women in the Archive we are seeking to update is Nancy Eastick. I have found information online about Ms Eastick at I am interested in including the photo on this site in our online Archive and am seeking permission for use online and onsite.

Additionally, if you have any significant objects relating to Ms Eastick achievements, we would greatly appreciate discussing the possibility of including in our collection.

Many thanks for your time on this query.

Jonathan Schlossberg

My name is Jonathan. I am helping a Papua New Guinean woman Ayn Sunana (cc’d) living in Melbourne locate a pair of twin girls adopted by a white couple. The family of these girls (her brothers) want to reconnect. Unfortunately, I have very little info to go on:

Twin girls (or possibly sisters) adopted in the 1950s to early 1970s from Saiho Hospital near Popondetta in the Oro Province by a white couple. We do not know the names, or nationality of the adopting couple.

Any help at all would be useful. I have collected the names of several people who worked at Saiho around this time, but of course many have now passed and others I do not know how to contact.

I believe the sisters who worked at the Maternal and Infant Welfare Unit would be the most helpful, but anyone might be useful. Alternatively, if you know where records for this sort of thing might be kept, that would be helpful too.

It would be great if you could disseminate this information through any relevant channels such as your website.

We look forward to your response and thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.

John Mackerell | Madang

I would like to refresh some people's memories of an incident in the 1990s when Isaac Lupari and Peter Yama's first wife, Agatha, were busted at Cairns airport with a stash of Oz dollars they were trying to smuggle to PNG.

I can't find anything online. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Eric Schering

Hi Keith - I've written for PNG Attitude in the past. You are doing a great job with PNG Attitude, a much better source of info on PNG than the Post Courier and The National.

As you know, this upcoming vote of no confidence is a crucial time for PNG. My new suggestion: Have someone who writes for PNG Attitude write a clear document on the UBS loan.

It's a confusing issue and the prime minister's corruption in it is not easy to understand. I realise you just wrote an article on it, but that's not sufficient. We need a clearly written article.

Thanks Eric. There's another piece up today which I hope is clearer than my own hurried effort - KJ

Johanes Sedi

Hello - please help me connect me to my late dad, former kiap Desmond John Murphy's surviving family members in Australia. Many thanks.

Billy Langilam Minata

I heard from my late father that one of his uncles was taken to Buka to work on plantations in the 1950s or 1960s. However, he never came back to the village.

His name was Kuli Kinjup. We heard that he became a ship crew man and later a ship captain. He's probably married to an American or Australian and got citizenship there.

He is from the Enga Province, Wapenamanda District. I believe now that he must have passed away but I would appreciate if anyone helps me find his family.

Pauline Pora-Kama

Message to Bob Cleland - for information about Ludwig Schmidt Junior or Victor Ludwig Schmidt, you can look up his son Stephen Schmidt, of Porgera. I don't have his contact details but I know he had a profile on Facebook. We were thought to be related but as it turned out, that is not so. Stephen is a great person, he showed us photographs of his Father Ludwig Schmidt Jr and shared other information too. Yes, Ludwig Schmidt Jr. did some good work in PNG.

Leanne Atkin

Attention Gaye Speldewinde. I have sent you an email re your blazer. Sorry, it is not good news.

Baka Bina

Keith - Tokim Lorenzo long rait Tok Pisin wantaim sampela bilong mipela. Nogut Tok Pisin bilong em bai igo karangi.

Na wonem Tok Pisin; Tok Pisin bilong hailens or bilong nambis or bilong ol lain bilong ailan? Or Tok Pisin bilong ol taun lain or bilong ol bus lain?

Na igat Tok Pisin insait long Tok Pisin tu. Yu save, taim you laikim wanpela gavman sevis long gavman opis, na sapos yu kisim save gut long Tok Pisin bilong wokman bilong gavman ya em toromoi, wan tu ya, bai yu kisim wonem samting yu laikim stret isi isi tru.

Oops em ken go long-long tu long ol Tok Pisin bilong ol wan solwara tu ya.

Cheers to Lorenzo and wish him the success.

Philip Fitzpatrick

There are no good booksellers in PNG Lorenzo. Lots of good writers - no bookshops.

Best to search for what you want in Australian bookshops online.

Lorenzo Arroyo Plaza | Bilbao, Spain

Right now, I am studying Bahasa Indonesia and Tok Pisin with the materials in ERIC and Pacific Linguistics.

When I reach a high enough degree of reading comprehension, I intend to compile a practical dictionary of Tok Pisin into English which include all the materials and expanded information of Oxford Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin English Dictionary Mihalic, Steinbauer and Schebesta if I get a readable scan of the latter.

I will also include Dutton and Thomas' courses with complementary notes of Highlands, coastal and downlands varieties by Laycock Wurm and Mülhausler's handbook
with quotes from Wantok, Buk Baibel and all the books, brochures and writing material I may find at second hand booksellers, open access archives or in the web.

Can you recommend me a good bookseller in Papua New Guinea which accept foreign orders?

Philip Fitzpatrick

Gaye - The Pacific Islands Monthly has been scanned and is available online at Trove.

Gaye Speldewinde

I am about to donate a blazer from the 1963 Suva South Pacific Games (the very first) to the Pacific Games Council on the Gold Coast.

I understood the fellow who sold it to me got it for shooting but the Qld Museum says there was no shooting competition at the 1963 Games. Is this correct?

One of the Google references refers to shooting. Was there? Who would know for sure? Can you help please.

Of course the man could have fibbed. I bought it in Canberra quite a few years ago. I don’t remember when. The Pacific Islands Monthly magazines could probably tell me if I had access to them.

Can any reader assist? Reply using the Comment link or directly to - KJ

Eric Schering

Hi Keith, I would very much like to see the IMF and/or the World Bank report for PNG come to the light of day. The report has already been written and submitted to the Prime Minister but he's keeping it under wraps. Can one of your writers or researchers find the report and give it the exposure it deserves?

John Pratt

I am seeking details of the life of Father Glover, a military chaplain. He was known as the Flying Priest.

I would be grateful for anything. In hope of response, and

Rick Larsen

Re: Peter Mamare of Buka and also of 2PIR Wewak from about 1964-69.

May I ask for help or advice once again please?

I was a National Serviceman in Wewak [Moem Barracks] in 1966/67 and very friendly with Peter Mamare who was a Warrant Officer / Company Sergeant Major at the time.

My understanding is that Peter later left the Army; went into politics; and was assassinated at Bougainville many years ago.

I can find no Google reference to Peter at all and am wondering if anyone can point me in a direction where I might find further information.

Rick Larsen

Thanks for the comment about Trevor below Keith. I will follow it up and see what results.

Joe Fletcher

Hello from sunny Barcelona. I am a documentary film maker from the UK. I was recently alerted to an incredible story from 8 years ago on the island of Buka, covered in the Post-Courier by Pat Levo.

In brief its the story of the Le Feng twins (two Chinese sex doll castaways) and their appearance on the island and the effect they had on the community.

The story appears to have the makings of a great documentary and I am about to pitch it to a couple of broadcasters here. But before doing this I want to get as much insight as I can into the episode, see if it has evolved since the article, if the police investigation was ever concluded, if anyone had firsthand experience of the events/strong opinions etc.

If you or anyone you know has further information please let me know using the Comments link.

Rick Larsen

Hi Keith - I posted a comment a day or so ago on an article by Trevor Freestone titled "From Pagei to the Sea". Trevor was a teacher at Pagei at a time I visited in 1966 or 1967.

My comment was the first on that page since 2011 and I am wondering whether it might still be possible to contact Trevor. Maybe somebody knows?

I haven't heard from Trevor for some time Rick. The last known email contact I have for him is - KJ

Zenaleze Abage

My name is Zenaleze Abage, I am a historian with the National Museum and Art Gallery here in Port Moresby.

I was wondering if you could help me with a few portraits or photographs of the first three Governors-General of Papua New Guinea:

Sir John Guise
Sir Tore Lokoloko
Sir Kingsford Dibela

They will be used for research and publications for our current project on the Old House of Assembly downtown.

If you can help Zena, you can respond here or email her direct at - KJ

Bryant Allen

I have lost contact with George Hook, son of Walter John Hook (Wally) late of Aitape, who died at Musembelem village in 1943. I fear George may have died in Kavieng, where he was working.

If anybody can confirm George is dead I would appreciate knowing. Also if anyone has a contact address for George's sister Maria who I met in Brisbane long ago, I will be very grateful to know it. I have some documents (birth certificate and other material) that refer to her father Wally.

Get in touch with me through this site if you have any information that may assist Bryant - KJ

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