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Qantas adds freight service between Australia & PNG


Boeing 737-300F freighterQANTAS WILL INTRODUCE a weekly freight service between Australia and Papua New Guinea from this coming Saturday.

The flight between Brisbane, Cairns and Port Moresby will be operated by a Boeing 737-300F (pictured), offering 15 tonnes of cargo capacity each way.

Qantas Freight executive manager Lisa Brock said the export market between Australia and PNG is strong and the new freighter service will provide much needed capacity on the route.

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Port Moresby air connection established to Jakarta

LUC CITRINOT | Travel Daily News

Air_NiuginiINDONESIA’S NATIONAL FLAG CARRIER, Garuda Indonesia, is looking to link Jakarta to Port Moresby with regular commercial services from August.

The Indonesian airline is seeking to serve untapped markets in the Asia Pacific region and this will be the first direct air connection from Moresby to Jakarta.

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The Gordon Steege story 2 – Air war in Papua & Libya

As told to Bill Brown

Gordon SteegeNEW TO THE SEAGULL flying boats, I first took a couple of local flights around the Port Moresby area.

These included the hairy experience of flying Commander Hunt, who headed a small naval surveying detachment, delivering some mail to Yule Island at low level over offshore reefs in a strong south-easterly, when the Seagull appeared to be going as fast sideways as forward.

Then my CO, ‘Alex’ Alexander, asked if I would like to take the Seagull down to Samarai.

I jumped at this, and with a Sergeant Navigator, Wireless Operator and Engineer Fitter we had an enjoyable straight and level flight on a beautiful day, perhaps three hours at 90 knots, along the coast to Samarai.

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The Gordon Steege story 1 – Flying boats in Papua

As told to Bill Brown

Gordon Steege, 1942IN SEPTEMBER 1939, HAVING GRADUATED from Point Cook in Victoria in June 1938, I was a Flying Officer in No 3 (Army Cooperation) Squadron at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Station Richmond NSW, doing my tour as Adjutant.

I was in the officer's mess with other colleagues when the mess president came in. He was a Wing Commander, perhaps in his early forties. The RAAF was more formal in those days and we all stood for him.

It turned out the occasion was to hear Australian prime minister Robert Menzies “melancholy duty” announcement on the wireless that Australia was at war with Germany.

Next morning I was told to go to Station Headquarters and report to a Flight Lieutenant Alexander, then on the staff of the station commander, Group Captain Hipolyte Ferdinand de la Rue.

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British Aerospace trains PNGDF pilots in Australia

United Press International | UPI.com

Flight training over TamworthBAE SYSTEMS HAS SIGNED a contract to provide advanced flight training to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

The contract builds on a 2011 agreement to provide Papua New Guinean student pilots with basic flying training at BAE's Australian facility at Tamworth City Airport in New South Wales.

Students soon will start an advanced 18-month training course to progress to the next stage of their flying careers.

“We are looking forward to extending and developing the relationship with PNG by providing its defence force with the highest standard of flying instruction," said BAE General Manager Aviation Solutions, John Quaife.

The air operations element of the PNGDF has a small number of light and rotary wing aircraft that support the army with logistics, resupply and medical evacuation as well helping with civilian disaster relief.

The air element also supports army patrols along the country's 700km border with the restive Indonesian province of Papua.

BAE's flight training facility at Tamworth is based around a six-year, $86 million deal signed in 2011 with the Royal Australian Air Force.

The PNG pilots’ courses began in January last year and the first students graduated in mid-2012.