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Wendy Wuluk

Thank you for your tireless contributions in Literature Writing. So proud of my friends who took part in the Crocodile Prize competition. Hoping to contribute my piece in the next writing.

Well done Pukpuk!

Lavanlou Pomat Keliwin

Thank you for making these compilations available for public consumption. Yes, reading and writing (book reviews, etc) need to be encouraged again in our schools.

With your permission, I can put our PNG literature on the e-library system that I am setting up in schools.

Hi Lavanlou - Congratulations on initiating an e-library. You are welcome to make any of the PNG content we publish, including the books, available in the e-library - KJ

Michael Dom

It may be worth doing a reconnaissance survey to see how many teachers in schools in PNG have access to these e-books as resources for their students.

A worthy project might involve the Digicel Foundation with providing access to these and other online literary resources, such as the Athabasca University archives.

Strategically, the Crocodile Prize fits well with the year 7-10, whereas, materials in the Athabasca archives may be invaluable to 11-12.

Those are important years for young adults discovering who they are and where they fit into the world.

Stephanie Alois

Thank you PNG Attitude for providing the Crocodile Prize Anthology e-books here.

Justin Kundalin

Excellent job Pukpuk.

Kenny Pawa Ambaisi

A great work. Really blessed by what you have done. Thanks a lot.

Porap Gai

I don't know why I never heard of the Crocodile Prize. If I had heard of it earlier then I would have taken part.

Anyway, now I can download the anthologies from 2011-2015. Thanks very much, it's an amazing job done by Pukpuk Publications.

Sean Ova

This is awesome. Many voices to drown the echoes of doubt
And chaos. Kumul strong. With you, PNG Attitude!

Philip G Kaupa

Very grateful thanks Pukpuk...

Joe Herman

Thank you, Phil.

Jim Apiu

Looking foward to 2016 anthology. Great read anytime.

Arnold Mundua

Everything is quiet lately. I hope the 2016 Anthology comes out soon.

Vagi Samuel

This is really great! Was fortunate to have a copy of the 2012 Anthology courtesy of Unitech Huon Seminar Secretariat via the Matheson Library, UoT a couple of years back.

Last year, had a glance through the 2015 Anthology at the Friendship Library DWU whilst on site for work.

Thank you Pukpuk, now I can have a good read of these awesome collections....

Rashmii Bell

Awesome! Thank you Pukpuk Publications.

Raymond Sigimet

Thank you lo yupla olgeta.

Arnold Mundua


Jordan Dean

I don't know why I never heard of the Crocodile Prize back then in 2011. Would have took part. Anyway, now I can download the anthologies from 2011-2015 and read fellow writers work. Thanks.

Michael Dom

Wow.This is fantastic. Thanks Pukpuk.

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