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Jewel Vercoe Rainbow

Hi Philip - I'm a postgraduate student at James Cook University, Townsville, writing a Masters dissertation on Speculative Dystopian Climate Fiction, Ecological Collapse and Resource Capitalism.

Can I please (urgently) have a copy of Haven?

Email me and I will forward contact details.

[email protected]

Philip Fitzpatrick

I'm working on volume four at the moment Dennis.

It's a bit different, a kind of biography of Inspector Metau narrated by Sergeant Kasari.

The first book had an interesting gestation. It started off with a lady in one of the settlements who ran an informal school being hassled by a local ward councillor and seeking advice about what to do about him.

One thing led to another ...

Dennis Andrews

Thanks Philip, I just read 'The Case of the Angry Councillor' and loved it. I found it reminiscent of the Barry Crump books I read while growing up in NZ. Looking forward to reading more of the inspector.

Emmanuel Peni

Thank you Philip Fitzpatrick. It being free and all. Thanks. Still reeling from the excitement

Emmanuel Peni

Philip Fitzpatrick. What an entertaining story. As a kid we read Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys, Sherlock Holmes etc. We had to imagine a lot. With this, I can see and smell and feel. Love Pom city.

Thank you. Must read. Great read. Making it available is the issue. Will find solution, surely.

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