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Pritchard Sangai Tabali

I am very interested in reading poems. But reading poems written by my own countrymen is so sweet.

I fully appreciate what poetry can do. I tried to download the free books but it's not working.

I hadn't realised that those links are broken, Pritchard, and I'm sorry about the breakdown, which goes back to major technical problems we had early in the year. I'll see if I can fix it - KJ

Daniel Kumbon

A woman will call you names and break utensils in the house when you go home drunk every fortnight. A sensible man will try and tow into line. But if he beats her, initiates divorce proceedings or abandons her with the children and finds another partner than that person’s brain is addled.

Thanks Jordan for your free books. I have down-loaded all of them and thoroughly enjoyed the short stories in ‘Stranger in Paradise’. I like Buai Seller and Facebook which are true portrayals of real-life experiences. I thought wife would kill Lucy in front of her fornicating husband but opts to take the pair to court.

And her husband gets sacked which I very much doubt happens in this land we call paradise.

Michael Dom

Interesting point by Francis about the mention of Souths and Sepik.

Let me digress.

Part of the problem in the US elections which has resulted with Donald Trump becoming President-elect, despite his negative attributes, was that the Democrats, i.e. the Liberal left, had shut down the voices of a large majority of America.

They wanted to be right and righteous about everything.

The misogynist, homophobic, chauvinistic, pussy-grabbing, red-necked, gun-toting, America has spoken at their polls.

The Democrats wouldn't listen to those voices and engage with them constructively.

They shut them up, shut them down, shut them off, shut them out and so received the boot.

Back to the point.

Labeling people because of their opinions regardless of what you may feel is morally, politically or religiously wrong to YOU, is NOT RIGHT.

It does not resolve the underlying issue if you don't want to hear about it.

We don't want to hear the truth.

We don't want to hear that many people in PNG may feel that PM O'Neill is acting for the benefit of himself and his own people.

We don't want to hear that some people feel the Somare family has had too much power and etc.

We can call those thoughts regionalism but are they not the thoughts and feelings shared by many people?

We cannot talk about it unless we HEAR the opinion and understand where it is coming from, because it comes from other people whom we call our fellow countrymen and women.

We can't shut them up. Doing that is tantamount to ignoring them - we become the new 'region'.

Name calling or the suggestion of it, like suggesting a poem promotes regionalism, is simply shutting down someones opinion.

In the national sphere, I believe, everyone who is a citizen of PNG has a valid opinion.

Debate and constructive argument can only take place if people are voicing their honest opinion.

Only then can engaging in reasoned debate about those opinions allow us to find better ways forward.

We don't always have to agree, but we can agree to disagree, eh laka.

I thought those two poems were quite appropriate because I have heard such feelings being spoken about.

Calling it regionalism suggests that we are trying to give someone who has those thoughts a label and thereby shut them down.

Jordan has already acquiesced to being shut-down.

Jordan - it is a poets prerogative to be honest, because we deal directly with the unspoken.

(A friend of mine may expound on this poetically very soon.)

Jordan Dean

Thanks Francis. I believe poetry is best served raw. Appreciate your criticism. Will try avoid that in my upcoming books.

Francis Hualupmomi

Dear Jordan - I admire your writing to inspire young leaders like me but I think two poems made me quite disturbed about your attitude towards a certain part of PNG.

The poem on Sepik and South seem to suggest a tone of regionalism. I hope to read more positive poetry.

Michael Dom

Than you Jordan Dean for your generous contributions to our reading experience.

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