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Where Papuans stood as brothers

| Ples Singsing

Papuan infantry on parade  World War II (Australian War Memorial)
Papuan infantry on parade,  World War II (Australian War Memorial)

In New Guinea's wild, where jungles breathe,
A tale of courage, weaved beneath the trees.
Papuan sons, with hearts so bold,
Stood as brothers, in tales untold.

Through dense green canopy, they tread,
Their spirits forged, their fears misled.
With every step, they held the line,
Bound by valour, their destinies entwined.

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Angel Mother


Angel mother

Who can love me more than her?
Whose heart is of purest diamond
Whose love for me is too good
Whose love is second to God's
Oh my angel mother
You leave me speechless

Who can measure your gentle patience?
You are resilient and composed when handling crisis
You persevere in the face of extreme difficulty
You believe in me unceasingly
Oh my angel mother
You are sweeter than honey

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Eghe! Koloka Moho napa ma! Eghe!

Satori poet
AG Satori, the grand old man of PNG poetry, has a favourite secluded place in the mountains where he goes to find inspiration to write (Image by Bing)

| Noveba 2023

AG Satori’s poem in Goroka Tok Pisin dialect has been kindly translated into English by the great man for the enjoyment of all our readers - KJ

Stephanie Alois, Apoya, naispla meri Koloka ya, AG Satori tok sorre olsem em i no nap rait olsem yu or Maikol long raitim gutpela singsing lo sandin blo leva. Tasol em laik givim tok lukaut long yu long despela taim bihain taim leva bilong yu bai tru tru bruk.

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Sonnet 101.2: Never become a poet


Son, of all the things you could possibly
Become, do not, I say, do not ever
Become a poet, son. Let me list three
Reasons why, and hopefully when I am
Gone, you’ll understand my views. Here’s number
One. They smell of dog poop steaming in the
Sun. The pong hits your nose, and they call it
Song. Cruel bastards! Number two, they’re filthy
Bums, always begging for coins, licking their
Gums, to sweet-talk or befuddle you for
Fun. And three, they’re crooked as a hook and
Some. They’ll steal all your glory and when they’re
Done, the newspapers won’t know your name from
Tom. Dick, son, become a politician.